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The Number One will always be Number One. Thanks, Geoff.

I will be back for the comment, Agnes. Let me savour the moment first.


Congrats, Soul, it's now official: YOU'RE NUMERO UNO!!!

YESSSSSSSS! It's official now. Where is Ms Warm Mehreen Sunshine?

By the way, does so much preparation precede a bath in a suit (bathing suit, I mean)? God!!! The shower is better.

Are you still there a Target or out by now??? :D

Yooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I am # 1.


Miss Warm Mehreen Sunshine opened this web page first, but Agnes, he distracted me into chatting and read your post without even telling me!


I was anointed # 1 by Geoff himself. I will not like anyone to defy his decision or wish, Agnes. Over my dead body.

Are you still at Target?


@ Mehreen: I know, there's no telling what he's gonna do next...

@ Soul: No, I am back at the hotel but believe it or not, in all that confusion I did forget to pick up a pair of flip-flops....

Agnes, are you gonna stand up for poor ol' me??? :D

@ Mehreen: LOL, it's a bit hard to argue the point that the man was here first.... I mean, in all fairness, his comment up there in the No 1 slot is damning evidence, don'tcha think, Pretty Girl?

Okay... saying Pretty Girl is fair enough hahaha :D

Dear Friends;
We have to put our heads together to stop this bickering about who was first. I have therefore indulged in omphaloskepsis (contemplating my navel) and the wise oracle within has instructed me to adopt the same rules as American Idol. I as the sole judge have the right to "save" any commenter who properly appeals for a review of primary position on Agnes' Pages. So be it.

Oh Geoff, Soul will be crushed!!! he finally makes it to No 1 and now you're changing the rules?

ohh i know the confusion. I always spend a lot of time at target and end up buying things i never intended. the last time i was there....4 days ago...i ended up buying loads of gym accessories. my intension was to only get a pair of 5lb weights ;)

I bet Geoff waited for more than 5 minutes in the car.
My infrequent beach trips now consist of walking the beach with a metal detector and watching colorful sunsets. There is treasure in them thar beaches.

LOL !!!!!!!!!!! can totally understand you agnes :) btw .. I have the SAME earrrings as the pendant on your chain.. got em at claire's :):)

@ Prashanti: Claire's it is!

LOL Agnes! You are funny. I remember when having fun was fun, too. The funnest time the days is chatting with you. Nothing to worry about except being interupted by WORK!

I'm glad to announce that after 8 years of marriage my husband now understands that his concept of 5 minutes, and my concept of 5 minutes are completely different. Thanks for the giggle Agnes. I already have my suit and my tanning lotion... now where did I put that beach towel? Maybe I should have a trip to Target too. LOL

Bloody he'll that was funny. I'm never brave enough to go into target thinking it will only be 10 minutes. Even getting through the checkout takes longer!

All those things needed just to have fun at our age. Yes. I sometimes wonder if I am actually having fun or not.

Chuckle... chuckle! I know what it is like to shop under pressure. You described it superbly. When I have to run into a store to pick up stuff, my mind suddenly turns into a muddle. I am just not able to even figure out the second item. I would be just running around the store, all the while remembering that I have to be out in 5 mins and nothing else! And just when i get back into the car, it dawns on me! Damn!
Hope u managed to pick up all the stuff. Cheers!

This is cute. So much to goes into buying a simple bikini. And I love your picture Agnes. Specially the expression on your face.

I so agree yaa....planning to wear a bikini can be more troublesome than a wedding dress......Good Luck

really a target blues Agnes....especially the comment part where Soul is claiming to be number 1....LOL!!!

cutie photo of you...in real confusion!!

Ah! If I know Geoff, he does not change his mind. Nopes. One determined chap he is. :P

So, I am resting assured, sitting pretty at No 1 slot, Pretty Old Girl.


Hahaha Soul... I'm getting you now!

Thank you Geoff :) *thumbs up*

Okay let him be first this time :P Don't we all say "ladies first"??? So I'm first by virtue of my gender :D

((( Now that doesn't seem convincing but I couldn't think of a better arguement :D ))

I love the disclaimer. :) But where's the picture of you wearing the bikini? LOL

@ Mehreen, you're right, when all else fails, there's always the "ladies first" argument. But then again.... "age before beauty" right? Or is it "beauty before age"? I can never remember which.

Does being first really matter? Those who are first often change the direction of society; a change that goes on to change businesses, creates new barriers to conquer, whether in politics or technology. As our culture moves forward, we'll see the first human clone, the first person on another planet, and probably when we get there, we'll find Mehreen and Soul still arguing. Does being first really matter?


us, women and our ways! :) we plan to buy only one thing and almost always end up buying a whole bunch of stuff! :)

show us the pictures of you in bikini.. :) you surely look great in it! :)

@ Angeli & Jacqueline: You have GOT to be kidding me! No bikini pictures, no way, LOL!!

We should get Geoff to write a guest post on what was on his mind while all this was going on in yours at Target!!! How's that???

ohhhhh....no bikini's pics, what a shame;-(

oh my gosh, you are too funny. know exactly what you mean about walking into a target.... : )

I'm in no mood for a ceasefire. Sorry. But being first does matter, does not it? Remember Neil Armstrong? The chicken and egg controversy?

The ladies first argument puts Agnes before you, Ms Warm Mehreen Sunshine. She was first. Not you. :D


@ Soul: You guys crack me up :-) I guess Mehreen ran out of gas.....

Ha ,I so relate, And with Target now that they have added starbucks, food, and everything under the sun, it has become quite the dilemma. I figure yes, all or nothing. LOL.

LOL...@ your post as well as the amazing fights @ who was the first one to look at your post. Damn!! you are a celebrity girl :)

Ha ha! That happens to me all the time!

ha ha ha! When I saw the title i thought you meant something about guns and all :D

Oh that was so funny.;D
That happens to me too sometimes..;D

But i understand you Agnes..
Looking forward on your next post.;D

You're so right Agnes we cant avoid to look back at our younger days. Anyway we at our company are also planning for a beach this coming May 23 and I'm no beach bum gosh..

Hmmm is there a contest here? :-) Take care

I face the same shopping dilemmas, except mine are at food stores :D I find it very difficult to stick to just what's on my list.

Oh I feel your pain!

I had to buy a swimsuit in November before our big trip, last year. Trust me, finding it was... er... challenging! Ottawa people are not swimmers in the first place, plus in November...

And when you try on the bikini, you are always white as a ghost, not waxed properly, too fat, too thin, too much there and not enough there...

Fortunately, once on the beach, it all look good!

Poor target! :lol:

oh funny and sadly.. oh so true....!

Excellent - I laughed out loud.

Oh god, it's bathing suit season here in a few weeks....

I'm no longer laughing.

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