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The first comment is reserved for SOUL

Oh man you just have to read it! I almost read it twice!!

I even love his poems on his website :)

Thank you for reminding me of this book. Its been an year but I recognized it the moment I read the first few words..

Some writes.. you can never forget!!

I am an avid reader too Agnes. I dream of traveling and leading a life as interesting as characters in the books I read. Maybe I should stop dreaming and start doing? LOL

your father is Asian? you don't look a bit like one :-)
i think we are very similar in a way, i love both reading and traveling in the same way you like them...nice posts you have in here.

i instantly clicked on the link to Shantaram... i think i'm gonna like the book. :) thanks for sharing.

There are probably about 10,000 saints, gurus, role models, and pied-pipers who lead the rest of us on that merry chase called life. Men and women in remote regions or teeming cities who understand the calculus of life and do the right thing. I've been fortunate to have met my share of them and as we travel Agnes, we find those simple places or tortured vistas where we must touch down and do a bit of living. As far as I can tell, that means helping others. I haven't read Greg Roberts' book yet but no doubt will. He may be one of those. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing "Life As I Know It."

This is a nice post. I think you need to (later) do a post on our pal and recent amusement, Dennis.

yes I agree travelling is the best things we can gain knowledge.have a first hand experience and got to see what's in there. but reading enriches our mind and soul coming from other people's mind.you got to know what and how the writer feels...

I like this post and the passage from Shantaram...thanks for sharing Agnes! :)

I read those lines when you put it in a comment you made on one of Soul's posts. Deep, very deep. Would like to get a hold of that book if I can.

Have a great week :)

There are the two love of my life...ooopps no...there's 3 love actually; food, books and travel and they fit so well together. I hope that you really enjoy the book when you get down to reading it.

Hi there! First off, the Atlanta pictures were beautiful!!!

As much as I love to travel and see new places, its comforting to know that there's home to return to. And books, well I've been devouring them from age 4. Though I mostly stick to romances & thrillers, I sometimes go off track. Last year, one of the gifts I got from hubby on my birthday made me do so. Guess what it was? Shantaram!!!! I took quite a while reading it, not only because of the 1000-odd pages, but because its quite hard-hitting in many places, especially about slum-life in Bombay, and I'd keep the book aside for a week or so when it got too much.

Its a gripping story of a completely extraordinary individual, something that you won't forget in a hurry.

Are you sure that your father is Asian? ;-) You really don't look like one...

I can understand you remember that quote... forgiveness or hate can change someone's life for ever...
Thanks for Robert's link... will check this out.

As the late John Updike once said, "For some of us, books are intrinsic to our human identity."

Great post, Agnes.


Made me think that one. I thought you looked rather too exotic for a straight white girl. :)
I hear you when you said you still felt like playing house. That's exactly what it is for me at the moment. Since I got married to my guy I haven't lived in one place for more than three years. I'm seriously considering a way to move out of Australia in about three years. Don't know how but as with all things we will work it out. Sad in a way... you collect things and you move way...

Am I dead or what! I mean where was I? In that banished icy-cold planet called Pluto? I mean I am the last one to be here, Agnes. Among the lasts, I am sure.

Then did not I say I compete with myself, eh!

That was hell of a post, lady. I remember your comment on my post and checked Robert's website too. Guy is some kind of his own. I will pick up that book. Sooner than later. Thanks.


@Soul: Geoff reserved the first comment for you so you're in business :-)

Base on your post,this book is so great to read..I think you need to read it too.;D
Maybe when you have enough time.;D
Great post as always.;D

Wow, those were some words that Robert wrote. And those tidbits about him were interesting too. I have heard of Shantaram, but haven't read it. Like u, someday when all I can do is read ;), I will read it.
About the detective thing, you will find out more in my blog. Soon I hope.
Travel some for me too, will ya? I know my mind travels, more than the body can ever hope to. :D

I think this is a great book..Nice post.I'd love to visit this blog..;D

I love to travel as well, its my job. I love to experience the flavors of different culture and their language. I'm not that into books but given a chance I would read some. :-) Thanks for sharing Agnes.

Oh, I love reading as well, Agnes, from my teens till now, I still love to read .. and traveling too.. in fact, next week, I will be flying off to Shanghai with a few of my friends.. we r following a tour group.. will be away for 8 days....so i guess i will miss you ... i hope i will be able to go online over there.. i really miss that..
Agnes, u said u r half asian, but seeing your pics, u dont look anything like asian at all.. u r just great looking!

Ur half Asian...U dnt look Asian even a bit. Even I love travelling yaar sadly, when I want to travel...I dnt get a chance. Visited shantaram.com...Must say...Interesting man.

I know what you mean about books...but unfortunately haven't been able to travel so much. It sounds such enriching experience! Hope some day we would be able to!

Ah...the joy of travel. As an author I admire once stated..." We are born to wander..."(William Bolitho). Travel, adventure...the food of life,... along with a good book and some good coffee

I feel the same: I can pack my life in a bag and leave tomorrow for more adventures if I need to. Because traveling isn't taking a holiday for me, it's real life, it's a necessity.

Traveling equals freedom, equals reality check because you get to see the world as it is and not through medias.

I'm also a sucker for good read... will look for the book when I come back to Canada (we are in France for 3 weeks).

I've been an avid reader, I miss it sooooooooo much!!!
Too much blogging...

Sounds an interesting book, might look for it...

Have a nice weekend, dear


the book has been in my to-be-read list for a long long time now, thanks for the reminder
for some reason, i wasnt able to access ur site all these days.. and see i have missed a lot. i agree with u on the travelling bit, it is sort of mind brodening.. how i wish i had more time on hands
i love the pics in the last post, looks beautiful..

What a good first page. I'll have to check that book out. I read a lot.

If i may say so, the best place to read Shantaram is at Leopold Cafe, Mumbai. It's almost a pilgrim experience.

Your travel tips for Malaysia came in handy. Thanks much. Glad to be back. :)

Hey Agnes...
Reading and Travelling is my fav too...
nice post, will check out the so talked about shantaram book soon, am in love with reading too...been reading since the age of 5,I read anything and everything that I can lay my hands on.

Rain, a nice book and a cuppa coffee or tea is my kinda ideal day...but it hardly rains in dubai hahaha

Have a nice day!!!

When I was a kid, I was completely confused by the concept of "homesickness" and what it was that other kids (at camp or on holiday) were sickening for. It took me a while to understand that there was no one place that I was happy to call "home" because there was always something missing from the other place(s). If I suffered from "homesickness" I would have been miserable all the time!

I still feel like there should be someplace in the world where I could settle and find California weather, Spanish friendliness, good Mexican dinners, German dark bread / sausages, Indian curries and English booze. (Hmm, so almost everything I really miss from other places is food?)

I'll look for Shantaram, I'm intrigued now.

Yeah! I am in business. Full on.

Thanks Geoff. Now that I have the certificate of being #1, people are advised against claiming that slot. Please.

@Ms Mehreen: Dont even think about it, okay!!!


Are you sure you want to wait to read this book? What if there is inspiration in there? Carpe diem and all that sort of rubbish. (Trying to sound english...) Just a thought...

Hi, you don't look like you have an Asian blood. I see a lot of people who have Asian blood, and they always have a bit of Asian features.
I love traveling but not the "traveling" itself.

I could watch Scihndelr's List and still be happy after reading this.

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