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You look lovely !!!! I would looove to live in asuite like that !!!!

Hi agnes! that was tough but fun coz you're staying in a nice and spacious hotel :)

all the best for the house!

It's good to know that it's covered by insurance. Hope the construction finishes okay. I'm sitting on the ground at the back of our investment property. Trying to get it rented and there's so much to do. We are painting today. Weather is to good to be inside and doing the paint job.

That hotel sounds just brilliant. Lovely memories. Enjoy your life Agnes. I will try to do the same. :)

Didn't this water pipe (or may be another one) break a couple of months ago? Looks like the pipe too knows you love to live out of a suitcase. That's why.

Good that you are covered and I am sure it is great news for your grandson. Little guy Jamie is having all the fun in the world, eh!


@Soul: Yes. (Good memory, by the way!) That was a different pipe. The damage back then was nothing compared to the current damage. (sigh)

I have a leakage on my pipes too Agnes but it still wont threat of a flood. I just hope all will be settled in your place. Take care

Arg, that's bad luck! Glad to read you have insurance, it helps a lot.

That said, it can be seen as an adventure, and you certainly seem to take it that way. Good spirit :-)

so sorry to hear about what happened to your house.

anyway, i love you photo up there. i looks like an oil painting. or is it?

I'm so sorry to hear about your house Agnes! I hope you, Geoff, and Jamie get to go home soon!

hope u can stay back in ur house soon!

Sad to hear about the broken water pipes!
But yes, living in a hotel near the seaside must be cool !

Sexy eyes gal...Am so J...U hav such an adventorous life yaa..

Hotel living is more fun when it is what you want to do, not what you are forced to do, This is a nice place but it is no substitute for home and our life doesn't quite fit in this box. I vote for home!
PS So does Jamie

I have this crazy fear of pipes. I always feel that I will die by drowning. So, if I were in your place, I would have screamed like crazy!!!

I agree with you Geoff, I perfer being home! But, I am so glad that its covered and that you will soon get your house back and all good as new.


@Robyn: It would be a disaster without the insurance!!!

Came here to wish U a Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing u r covered by insurance:-o....enjoy ur stay at the hotel;-))

Nice pic & Jamie looks like he's right at home;-P

And whtever magic did u do????? Ur page opened in 30 seconds;-o.

Happy Easter!

Jamie looks like he could fit in anywhere and wherever he goes, there he is and he
is comfortable. Lots of lessons to be learned from Jamie.

Glad to know that it's covered..;D
All the best..Have a great day.

Great news.Im so happy to know that you are all ok.and it's all covered by the benefits..;D

hey Agnes sounds fun to me, as long as you have insurance working on fixing the things....enjoy...well agree there's no place like home but hotels are fun too ;)

@ Nancy (and everyone else): Does my site normally take a long time to load? I had no idea. Do you use explorer? I use safari and mozilla and it loads instantly...

I read something about the Internet and Dubai but I can't remember what the point was. Something to do with the Internet being slow there...?

@ Sidney: Thanks :-) And to you too.

@ Lucky: I agree! This cat is so readily interested in everything, it's amazing.

@ Geoff: I know. I think we'll be back in the house in a few weeks. I have to admit I really enjoy living in this hotel with you and Jamie. But I think Jamie is bored.

Hey Agnes

Hope you're doing fine. Happy Easter to you and Geoff :)

Take care!

This is a comment for the Happy Easter post. There is no comment link. That's why.

Happy Easter, Agnes and Geoff.

By the way, is that Jamie or Garfield? Looks like Garfield. The position he has taken on the bed says it all. I envy Garfield...err..Jamie. Guy is having all the fun; sleeping like there is no worry in the world. Duh!


I know I am really really late visiting your blog and wishing you guys Happy Easter. So are you still living out of suitcase in a hotel or have you now shifted back to your home sweet home? Your picture is so beautiful.

Geoff has a point. hotel living is enjoyable if it's something you want to do and not something you are forced to do. nonetheless, i hope you are enjoying your stay, and i hope your home gets fixed real soon. :) nothing beats the comfort a home brings. :)

Oh no! I'm glad you've managed to get yourselves organised and comfortable, burst water pipes are no fun at all.

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