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I feel the same way, Agnes. Coffee is a matutinal necessity for me. I don't feel right without my daily dose of caffeine.

Happy spring, too! :D

Love this post. I don't know what a "matutinal" necessity is, but when it comes to waiting and coffee, I've got two of those things. I would need stationery and stamps, a gift shop, music shop, cigs, fresh fruit, and yeah, a foot massage would be awesome.

Thanks again!

i think i remember reading this post. coffee/tea should always be available anywhere where there is a waiting area. I sometimes feel that they should have a vending machine with a coin drop at bus stops so that people can have coffee while they wait for the bus. and ahhh a foot massage....i would love to have one of those everytime I sit :D

No coffee!? That's almost a cardinal sin! Seriously. I am addicted to my Java, and the fact that she wouldn't let you help make the coffee just makes it worse to me! LOL Apparently I'm the only one here who doesn't like foot massages. I'm too ticklish for those. =oP

Oh man!
I nee to have foot massage while waiting..And they don't have it??!
They should close their shop.lol..;D
Just kidding..=)
Peace out..

U look pretty in the dress. I agree yaar, there has to be something worthwile to do when ur waiting for something, particularly at banks. Massage is a good idea. Well, thats a distant dream in India.

Not coffee but am so damn addicted to tea. Cant just do without it.


Agnes my friend, let me tell u, I have been down that road of thought so many times. I mean really, do they have absolutely no business sense. In this busy, busy world, EVERYBODY just wants to be cared for and understood. And when you offer this little joys of life, u have urself a customer for life.
ROFL abt your airlines! But I loved it, more so, because that is exactly how I think. I am still grinning about the ironing and sewing.

P.S: I will definitely fly Agnes Air!!! :D

I remember this post on your earlier blog. I know for sure that if you own an airline. it is going to be fantastic. Very luxurious. Lots of frills with it that I would simply love. It surely will be everyone's favorite. Start one soon.

Lol. I will definitely fly on your airline.

Hello :)

I've read this one before and it's one of my favorite posts you have written.

Nah you don't look weird :)

take care sweety!

Of course not!
You don't look weird on it..
Besides you're so pretty on that white dress.
And i agree with you,that dress is really wonderful.;D

oh i enjoyed reading this. that's a good point you have there. if you have a business where your client would need to wait, make sure there's something else to do, extra income for you too. :)

hey! you look lovely in that dress! :) i love it! :)

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments :-)

It was 'Great Chef' on TV last night so we didn't get a comment from Robyn, but since I already know how she feels about coffee and customer service I am going to let it slide this time.

I can't even imagine where Soul is but I am pretty sure he'll claim he was here before everyone else.

@ Jane, I remember the first time I posted this you suggested wart removal on board -- the possibilities are endless I tell you! Laser eye surgery, palm reading, shoe shine, you name it.

@ Call Me 'A': the espresso machine at the bus stop is brilliant!

Oh and Jane? I never heard the word "matutinal" before either so I looked it up:

from Late Latin matutinalis, from Latin matutinus — more at MATINEE

: of, relating to, or occurring in the morning : early

Thanks Angeli for making us learn new words :-)

yeah right Agnes making use of your time while waiting for something...nice post :) by the way, where's the coffee??? just kidding :)))


You are so right.... he'll come and say exactly that, and later when I'll meet him online on MSN, I'll tease him haha!

I love teasing him :D

Oops, I forgot to mention who I'm talking about.. I'm talking about Mr. Soul :P

Hello, hello, Soul... we know you're here..

Oh and yea Agnes, he claims to have gone deaf :/ He said so on Facebook :D

@ Mehreen: LOL... last time he was late he blamed it on the time zone :-D

Agnes, Agnes... so u r one of those coffee-per-day drinker... lol...
enjoying the scene and sipping your coffee at the patio... yeah, i can imagine...
btw, the pic of you look so cool and charming....
You r really a beautiful Lady!

oh i love coffee, too! it's my way of refreshment in the morning and my bonding jiffy with hub jigs, my intensifier on my lazy afternoons, and my way of meeting friends at night.:)

ilearn many words, too, from angeli (via her writings in her blog)& indeed, she's a walking encyclopedia.:)

by the way, you look stunning as ever.:)

This sudden influx of new vocabulary in the comments is exposing the lacuna in my language skills. But I would like to say that coffee or tea can really hit the spot, especially when there is no time pressure. As a child, I often watched the old Russian men sitting outside the teashop in London sipping tea through a sugarcube held firmly between their teeth. I've never done that but I completely know what a pleasure it would be. And your airline sounds divine. Can you imagine getting to your destination feeling well rested and relaxed? Remarkable.

Wow I would like to ride on your airline Agnes. I used to ride on planes and I've never experience those amenities. About the coffee, I also prefer to make on my own. Thanks for sharing, its fun to be here Agnes.

I vote on a massage while you wait! Oh, I'll be a customer...

I often read something when I wait and I wish more places had spare books or magazines to keep us busy. Coffee or tea is nice too.

And I would ride on your airline as well!


Just because I was a "little" late, all this behind my back. Ms Mehreen, you better watch out!!!

Next time, I will be number 1. Trust me, Agnes.


@ Soul: And so you are :-)

Hi Agnes, that's an awesome post...............coffee is like elixir to me!!!! U have a nice blog. And yeah i was so glad to know that u like Indian sweets!
Let's keep visiting!

I have a few ideas in my mind about what all I would like to get treated with as I wait for the flight!!! and once I am inside your I will have an easy ride...

I'll let you run my car wash but definitely not my airlines. j/k :D

hello great blog

... there is nothing like a steaming cuppa to perk you up!!

Great blog too!!
I'll be back... :)

I'm glad they didn't have coffee that day...you wouldn't have written this and given birth to Agnes Air. As far as being a fashion victim? I'm still dealing with that trauma...except I'm a guy so I'm adapting quite well ;)

Whoops...wrong web address...this is better. (I'm challenged in many ways...)

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