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am looking forward to seeing your pic with the bangs :))

i like reese, remarkably in the movie Cruel Intentions...her face is so cute

I'll be having my hair cut next month and thinking of having a bangs...ever since I never have bangs and all that! will see if it's good on me.

Ah! I may not be the first one to be here but since this is so much of a "ladies topic" (by your own admission, Agnes and you tried to shoo us males away through that 12th/13th men link), I will consider myself # 1 (with due respect to Amelia).

Bangs! God! I loved Reese in Sweet Home Alabama and Just Like Heaven. But I never noticed her bangs.

Please send in a copy of the Yale PhD thesis. I would like to read.

PS: Ms Mehreen. Where is she?


Okay so i have bangs... and i make too much fuss over it! "It's just hair".. i needed that :D

loved the post :)

could you do the girly-topics more often??

thanks and take care :)

Wait, don't we get a photo set of you like you did of the models?

I always had bangs as a girl so now I never do. Maybe I should try something new... hmmm.

Also, I spent WAY too much time on that link you posted for the men!

Girls are never going to be happy no matter what anyway. It's our prerogative and predicament at the same time. Would you say? Or am I being too negative? well, I'm allowed.. I'm one of them anyway.

I am one of those people who look terrible with bangs no matter how they are cut, which is fine with me since I can not stand having my hair touch my face. I know, I am weird. LOL I can not wait to see what your new haircut looks like.

I don't recall ever not having "Forehead Design" as my friend, Niranjan calls bangs. I just really prefer bangs. I have tried to get out of having bangs but I can't get past the " my hair is in my eyes and I can't see " part of the hair growth, so I just get them cut or cut them myself, which really make the hair stylist annoyed. She always says in her Vietnamese accent "Dunt ca bang seff". I finally recently was given the reason why it is not a good idea. Its because cutting them straight accross is not the way to do it. You are supposed to have them softly layered. There is a whole skill to bang cutting. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Oh Agnes I loved this post. You're so funny and you say things with a great humor.

Well I must say that I'm a bangs lady. Looking good or not I can't live without my bangs. They're my trade mark...

Have a nice weekend, darling


Three things:
I recently had a hair identity crisis (out of my system now!) First I cut my long dark brown, curly hair into a short bob. Then I changed it to blond. Then I cut bangs. Then I dyed it black. and now I'm growing the bangs out (and the hair) so it'll go back to my normal brown, curly, long hair.
Second, there is a Victoria's secret model that looks so much like you (is it?)
and third - I know I'm not a man, but I couldn't resist. What did happen the thirteenth man??

That was entertaining! But, yeah! Where are the photos with your new look? (I peeked at the men's link too. AFTER I finished the article.)

Hi Babe;
Very nice post. Mehreen wants more girly topics and you should do that. You are the girliest girl I've ever known. And you absolutely should post a set of photos of your new hair style. You look gorgeous (you always do) and you should let everyone see it. I love your readers. They are so cool. What a great bunch of blithe spirits!
Love you Babe

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman...so I wouldn't bother too much about the bangs... :-)

Wow! I can just imagine how good you look with those! Do post the photographs! All those hairstyles look so good! Especially for an Asian with curly hair!!! Sigh!!!! :)))

agnes.. have u been to malaysia? yes..over here, u have lots and lots of food.. multi racial country..
talking about bang, my sister just cut my long old bangs last night....and now my new bangs look so short and awkward..haha.. i hope they will grow fast...

hmmm so where did the 13th man come from :-D

Nice illusion
I am a girl though ;-)

--> Claire: Malaysia is one of my favorite countries. We've been there about 20 times, mainly in KL. I love everything about Malaysia, the lifestyle, the blended culture, the contrast between the old and the new, everything. I feel at home in KL.


I completely agree with Geoff. Your photos with bangs, PLEASE.

I also agree with him that your readers (me included) are so cool. Darn cool.


i thought, this post was about your new obsession of a TV Sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. LOL

well, hair is just hair... cut it short and it'll grow long in time. :) the bangs will surely look great on you. :)

I think it´s a great way to change style without being too drastic (i.e a huge tattoo or purple hair! :lol:)

I'd written a comment here...but while posting it, the page sort of stuck but I had so hoped it got posted:-(

LMAO! Everytime I have my hair cut, I stare at myself in the mirror for minutes (hours) as it's hard to get used to the new me lol even if I hate what I see, it all looks better in a couple of days ^_^

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Some people look great, some look way better without and some people look good either way. You really wouldn't worry about it too much, it's just hair and not rocket science and I should have the haircut I like.

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A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman...so I wouldn't bother too much about the bangs... :-)

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