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have a safe trip. I am the first to comment. Finally

Thank you Geoff.
All the best for both, give my love to Agnes if you please


I've viewed the blacktop of hiway 95 in the early morning hours many a time. Its a great
ride through some pretty country. Enjoy your peanuts and say hello to Jimmy if you pass through Plains Georgia.

Robyn: the instant Starbucks coffee samples you sent came in the mail just before we left so I am taking them along. Perfect timing as I am not crazy about the nescafe samples they normally have in hotel rooms. Thanks :-)

By the way I am typing this comment on my iPhone -- amazing huh? Geoff wants me to figure out how to correct his typo ( 'if' instead of 'of') via the iPhone but I just don't know how to do it. .

happy trip and enjoy ;)

I hope both have a wonderful trip! Stay safe.

And a correction on my post. Rather than hiway 95 I meant to say hiway 75. I hadn't had my 3 cups of coffee yet when I typed my original post.

@Lucky: we saw Billy not Jimmy standing against the wall with his back to us. He yelled over his shoulder 'say hi to Lucky'. The clouds are delicate and beautiful today in every shade of gray you can imagine.
Driving is so much fun.

Oh and billy said to tell you to have a Philly cheese steak for him.


I am so late. I mean at least a dozen have commented and you both have replied! Where was I (in office) all this while?

By the way, the clouds were so blue (as in colour blue) or did you guys tamper with the photograph? I mean so blue!!!!!!

Agnes and Geoff, have a grand trip. Keep updating. I swear I want to be the first to comment on the next post.


@Soul: the picture is 100% undoctored (and was taken with my camera phone). Amazing isn't it?

have fun....keep the pics coming

Hii Geoff...The first pic is beautiful....Do post something more about the Trail of Tears....hav a nice trip u both.
Take Care

Have a great trip, and say hi to Agnes for me!

Great ...you will play "Cowboys & Indians"... ;-)
Enjoy the trip !

Hello Goeff

Have a safe journey. Will be waiting for those lovely posts about your trip from you guys.

take care... have fun!!


Good morning all you beautiful shining spirits. Welcome to dawn in rainy Atlanta. Great to have your good wishes and kind comments and we wish the same for you. Diana, you wanted to hear a bit more about the "Trail of Tears." It was another shamefull event in the history of America. In the 1830s, the American government could not resist the temptation to steal the rich and beautiful home lands of the Five Civilized Tribes so they concocted false treaties to exchange barren land out West in Oklahoma Territory for the Eastern Lands they coveted for White Europeans. They forcibly removed the Native Americans and marched them halfway across the country, women and children included. There were shortages of wagons, horses, blankets and food so along the way, many people died. By the time they reached Oklahoma, one out of four were dead. They called it "The Trail of Tears" to reflect their sorrow and now you can walk it yourself as part of a Federal monument. In Florida, the eastern Seminole tribe resisted and formed a guerrilla army and fought against federal troops for seven years before being destroyed at a cost of $20 million dollars. In today's terms, more expensive than the war in Iraq.
But the truth is, greed knows no homeland and inhumanity towards our fellows exists in every corner of the world. All the more reason to always do the kind and decent thing and extend love instead of hatred whenever given the chance.


hello Agnes and Geoff,
May both of you enjoy and treasure what you are seeking after.... come back and tell us all about it... take care.. God Bless..

you look great in the picture agnes !!!!!!!!!!! Have a great trip !!!!!!!!!!!

Ah! I am late again. I plan to write two comments. One for this post and the other for the post yet to come. Simple.

Aha! Great pictures, Agnes. Yours and the rest too. Amazing how the iPhone manages such colour in pictures.

It was good to know about the Trail of Tears from Geoff. Such stories abound in all parts of the globe, dont they? Stories of oppression, human greed and the disaster they lead to.

By the way, where is Jamie???



I am glad you like the Starbucks instant! I love it. Its the best "instant" coffee ever. Although its pricey, its worth it. Geoff, the story of the Seminoles makes me sad. But, what can you say? I think Georgia is really pretty, keep posting pictures!

Oh wow!Have a great and safe trip to both of you..=)
How does the Starbucks coffee taste while raining outside?!..;D
Hope your having a great time..;D

Agnes, these are great shots and they really capture the mood and the moment. Who was that woman in the car next to us and why do you think she was driving wearing a a white facial mask? Going home to wash it off or going to rob a bank? Never seen that before. Only in America!



P.S.: Did I beat Kiran and Soul as the first to comment?

Love the pics...=)
What was that woman doing inside the car with a facial mask on her face?lol.;D
I love your post as always..More pics..=)

Those are some real good pictures Agnes...Loved ewach one of them..Have a safe trip

Ah! This is not fair, I say. I mean Agnes updates the blog and within minutes, Geoff's comment appears. Now he being family can't be in the Who's First To Comment race, can he? Disqualified.

Still I can see I am late. :D

My freako jokes apart, the weather seems lovely at your end. I love rain, people.

By the mobile spa picture was funny. Which bank got robbed? This could be an idea for a heist flick in Hollywood. What say!

Take care and be well.


happy trip! :) enjoy, both of you. :)

Wow Georgia is pretty, not the usual place I see in the US.

I wake up, Geoff brings me coffee and he says he got disqualified from the race while I was asleep...

Just like that, huh?

Thanks for sharing your travel photos with us Geoff and Agnes! I couldn't help but laugh at the photo of the woman having a facial in her car. I'm wondering what she thought of you taking the photo for her. Hehe Fun photos!

Agnes and Geoff: I am from North Carolina, and I can tell you what that woman was doing. Looks are everything to a Southern Woman. Because she had a luncheon with the Bridge Club ladies at a swanky place, AND had to get her divorce papers signed that very morning, here is the line of thought: "I will go to the spa for a facial. Instead of sitting there with Mabel talking about the Patterson's new pool, and new pool man, and what might be occuring between him and the madame, I am going to take the papers down to Mr's Lyons' office. George may be there. After all, he's been fighting this thing all along. Once he sees me in the mask, he'll drop any notion of getting me back. I'll collect the cool 1.8 mil plus alimony, and get back just in time to throw on something rich but not too presumptuous and get to the luncheon. But what about the drive across town? What if someone sees me? I know, I'll borrow my maid's car and no one will recognize me." Simplicity itself!
Great catch (the photo)! Keep your eyes peeled and you will see some other highly unusual things. Look for pets in purses. By the way, boiled peanuts are nasty!

Hi Agnes/Geoff.

My blogroll says your post is updated. So I am here. And of course, I want to be the first one to comment. But where is the update? I can only see technical difficulties tag.

This be deemed my comment. I AM THE FIRST. Period.


Beautiful snaps. Thank you for the share.

Have an uber-trip! You could post a travelogue upon your return. :)


Gorgeous pictures!!!!
Hope you're having a great time


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You two are making my feet itchy. Maybe we will move over to the states.

I looove your black pants!

It looks good, very "American", in a charming kind of way.

I really do think that you can give ur camera a miss with your wonderful iphone. Fab pics.

The pictures are beautiful Agnes....especially the ones of the rain.
Inspite of the rain we can make out u r having an awesome time:-D

Geoff, thank you for filling us in on "Trail of Tears"!!!!

had to just let u know tht whole of last week I had problem getting into ur page. Just once I even got in & commented on ur beautiful flowers when I realised tht the post button didnt highlight to submit my comment....seriously tht was terrible. my nice comment down the drain:-(

I am ever so late again!!! Those were really nice pictures. Loved the rain photo and you in those bell bottoms :)

Where's Jamie? Is he coming along on this trip too?

Have a great time!

Take care.

Those rain pictures are soooooooo beautiful, but I know that they are beautiful just to look, not to be in them ;)

You look great Agnes, even all in black (I had to say this or I could not defend my colours lol)

Hope you'll enjoy the most, both of you, great people.


I too love the photos you took with your iPhone. They look quite spectacular. No doubt Atlanta in the Spring rain looks great, especially with the peach blossoms and dogwood trees showering the landscape with color and purpose, but what you see through your lens adds another, often magical dimension to the scenes around us. I don't know how you command the sun, clouds, trees, roads and buildings to do your bidding but somehow, they comply. Lovely snaps.

Beautiful pictures :)


I love your Hollywood look! Atlanta looks like a great place to hang! Except for the Seattle weather!


The power showers continue - big, fat, wet rain drops pelting down and forming puddles that turn into little rivers almost instantly. The windshield wipers can't keep up. Sitting in the car when nature calls so loudly seems like cheating. Tornado watch has begun. Would be much more fun to get out, take off our shoes and jump around trying to find the deepest puddles. Splashing around in warm rain is more fun than hiding from nature. Right?

loved the first pic on the 3rd update...and the ones with the flowers and dripping water are cool too...enjoy yourselves :)

I have found out a novel way being here before anyone else. Everytime I arrive, I consider myself # 1. So no one can beat me now. It's like saying I am competing with myself. Like great sportsmen do.

That apart, the rain pictures are glamourous, I say. Tornado!! Did you say Tornado!! WOW!!! I love the gusty gale, it give me the getting-swept-away feeling.

Agnes is a Hollywood star. But where is the rock star? :D


Great pics...
I also want to share my nephew's blog with you. It is very adorable. do check it out.

Wow! I love the rainy moody photos. We have been having the same weather, and I just stayed inside and was grumpy about it! I should have driven around and found interesting things to photograph instead. LOL

Loved your photos and stories. I was caught in a very brief, very intense hail storm in Philly today, it lasted all of 10minutes and then the heavens opened up, the clouds parted and the sun kissed my face. I found some great coffee in Philadelphia and it really is the city of brotherly love/ Either Philadelphia has changed from past visits, or I've changed or we both have changed...a great city. You have great stories and photos on your blog...keep us informed of the fantabulous adventures of Geoff and Agnes....

This is so fun, I am so glad you guys are sharing all the wonderful moments.
Isn't true the road trip diet, it is so hard to find the heathy alternatives, have to give in to the junk. lol.I know.

I love all the rainy photos, and I am in love with that woman with the mask on, omg, I cannot imagine leaving my bathroom let alone driving around, ahahah. So great.

Cant wait to see more updates. xoxo

Hi Agnes, U look fabulous.. u r indeed a very charming lady... glad to know u r enjoying yourself, both of u.... nice pictures too.. must be a good camera..

@ Lucky: Oh I love love love "the heavens opened up, the clouds parted and the sun kissed my face" weather! Just beautiful, Lucky.

Are you still in Philly?

The rain makes for very artistic pictures! Who would have known...!

a road trip - both for business and pleasure?! great! as long as you and geoff are always together.:)

wow Agnes wonderful pictures and beautiful weather I absoulutely love rain...Atlanta looks great...have a wonderful time....

thanks for the update and sharing your photos...looks like you have blast even though it's raining...

These are wonderful! I am just loving your updates - what a great way to vicariously tag along :)

The Atlanta city is so beautiful and attractive. The beauty of Atlanta is enhanced by rainfall. As the rain falls in the city it becomes so wonderful and magnificent. The view is always so pleasant.

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