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I believe in karma or whatever others may call it..."what goes around comes around"
the favour was returned and your lucky...it was a good karma...

Oh... quite an.. experience.

You don't look the usual chirpy today. Hope your day's well :)

Take care!

Sounded like I was watching The Departed. I mean, did it happen?

It happened or not, I guess the karma catches up with all of us someday. And I would, of course, go by your story.

I wish Betty well. And you keep playing, I say. That, just like Amelia said, is "good karma".

But was Betty so scary? What did your playing experience say that day?


Just another reason I believe in karma! By the way your hat is adorable in the photo. Sorry about the delay of your trip!

Lucky you !!!! and how apt the title is for the post !!!

Karma is such an Indian concept- As you sow so shall you reap.
Unbelievable story. I am curious about Betty.
Amazing, you both remembered and recognized each other from elementary school.

what an imagination you kids had! and what an experience for you!

things happen for a reason... you might have not understood why you thought of playing with Betty at that time, but it was meant to happen. it saved you from the "gang"


though delayed, enjoy the trip. :)

Well Agnes;
Your good deed really paid off and it came from the heart. We always know the right thing to do, but we have to convince ourselves we don't. I did want to correct you on one point. Her name wasn't Betty, it was Amy. You know the singer, Amy Winehouse! So now you know what happened to her. It couldn't be anyone else babe.

WOW!! That is amazing. I belive you are right about karma, as I was embedded with how karma will follow you good and bad so much that alone has kept me out of trouble. I am so glad nothing did happen to you that day.!!

You look amazing as ever, what a fantastic photo :) And have a great trip next week.


As you sow..so shall you reap!

If this is karma...it is good because it is all in this life. Our people talk of karma sometimes as what you did in previous lives...and that kind of does not make sense unless you remember your past life..does it?

Anyways...she just did you a good turn you deserved! Nice story!

i love the blouse you are wearing in the picture.. (though i wish i can see what the front's like).

about atlanta... have fun!


wow..that is pretty interesting childhood... perhaps it will be more interesting if u can find out where she is now...how she is doing... perhaps both of u will have a good laugh if u talk about the good old days again... haha...wanna take a risk?

oh my goodness!!! it reads like fiction cuz I do'nt want to believe it otherwise!! u write really well!! will be here often.

That was a lovely read Agnes.
I not just I, my family is a firm believer in this karma business......tho I'm more inclined to agree with Wannabewriter's "As you sow..so shall you reap!"

I remember my father once lost 10rs while travelling in the bus. After relating the incident he very philosophically ended with "Poor Guy, he's going to lose 20rs for this act."
Thats how its been....we've always believed a good deed will yield results mayb not now, mayb a 100 yrs later for our grandkids but a bad deed always & without fail brings double loss & tht too in the same lifetime;-P

And ROFL at Geoff's comment.......:-D

p.s: And u knw tht sentence "I swear I have no idea where the voice in my throat came from, I said "Hey Betty, wanna play?"."

Happens all the time with me.........and sometimes I have to bite my tongue hard:-P

betty maybe a gang leader right now, but she still has some goodness in her, which u helped bring out.

Somewhere, somehow, all actions go registered. Only to haunt you, confront you again, cometh the hour. Karma.

Peace. Have a nice day.


First time 'ere. Sailed in from Mehreen's space.


Great story of you...;D
i'm happy that it was a good karma..
Have a nice day.

Good thing you played with Betty that day...

I believe in karma - it all comes back to you...good and bad...
betty seems to have fulifilled everyone's expectations...do you think she went that way cos everyone around her forced her to do so?

WOW- Offcourse I believe you!! ANything is possible :-)

And that is such a cute pic of yours and the water- love your cap

Take care

Oh my Agnes, Good thing nothing happened to you. Playing with Betty sure gave you a good Karma. I admire your courage to step out of your comfort zone, like playing with Betty and helping the Afghan women (your previous post). I get carried away by your story honestly.

It's funny the memories we have from school. I often wonder if X kid who wasn't popular because of whatever weird reasons ended up a very successful person, or suffered through life.

Anyway, glad nothing happened to you that day. Good karma, indeed ;-)

That was some imagination u guys had as kids. But then which kid doesn't. I will let u in on a little secret.... I still have that wild imagination. U should see the look on my friends' faces when I actually let loose my imagination.

But that was some story. I am sure Betty owed u one!

Ok, first of all I hope that was the first & last time you wandered into an abandoned construction site, seriously!

Secondly, yeah I've always believed in karma, sowing what you reap, life coming back full circle etc. I firmly believe in divine justice.....perhaps that's why I've never felt vengeful, just sorry towards people who've wronged me in any way.

wow...i sat on the edge of my seat drinking in every word. I do believe in karma. I do believe in what goes around comes around. I do believe every word you wrote and I also do believe that good deeds and actions always pays off.
PS: the bathing in Pigs blood and bats were hilarious, but you kids could have been right about the criminal part.

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