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I love the bangs, Agnes. It suits you. :)

now stiff competition between bang and ya cat.. I guess i 'll vote for your cat...

for the first time I am first

Gosh..i was still not first? Not fair. Ha ha...

Anyway. The pictures are incredible and you are drop dead gorgeous.

i like the 4th photo...you're gorgeous Agnes!!!

somebody looks hot with those bangs ;)

lookin' great Agnes :)

you really look good with those bangs. :)

I liked the last pic Agnes....I think thats the best pic I have seen so far in ur blog.....


All I can say is BANG ON TARGET. Just beautiful.

Gosh! I am so late this time around. Duh!


Nice photos Agnes. The beach shot was so much fun and looks so good. I think you should warn everyone that if they are going to cut their own bangs, they should dampen the hair and then cut them way longer than they want because they will shrink a lot when they dry. You can cut hair shorter but you can't cut it longer. Bangs have been in and out of fashion for a century but your bangs seem to fit with the rest of your hair so they convey a look of seamless beauty, That's the look you always have.
Love you

Gorgeous! Ya know that right?

Your bangs looks good on you always. I love the sea, I'm sure its relaxing in there. Wish I could have time watching the sea touches the sand :-) Very nice post Agnes. Till then

That's so funny. And gorgeous photographs. You really do look like you are enjoying yourself.


I was watching the movie Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, the other night and honestly, you look very much like Scarlet Johansen! Bruce and I both agreed! She is beautiful...actually, she looks like you, not the other way around!


i'm hooting for your cat here. I loved your hair without the bangs :|

You look like a Californian babe in the last picture! Barefeet (perfect nail polish!), jeans, white shirt, by the sea...

I like your bangs. It doesn´t suit everyone but it looks good on you.

I love the bangs Agnes! They look awesome on you. Your earrings are too cute as well. Great photos!

of Agnes on those bangs? - she bangs!:)

'should say, 'on Agnes with those bangs.' ;)

they suit you well :)

You have the kind of hair, you could pull off any style well....lucky you!!!

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If you want to know more details, i m most happy to assist you any way i can, Agnes...

:D From the post, I gather that u really like ur new look. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why I feel that way!! ;-)
Now that u have me talking on the topic, recently, I was watching The Thomas Crown Affair and I could not take my eyes off Rene Russo's hairstyle.(yeah, I know its an old movie and so is Rene.)

I once sported a look like that (without the bangs)and I loved it. Now u have me really inspired. '

There is this wedding coming up. After that snip, snip, snip!!!! Muuuu Haaa Haaa Haaa!!

ohh Agnes you have the perfect!! bangs.. Those are the ones I have always wanted but never have had, so I gave up lol. I think the fact that I have naturally curly hair has something to do with it.

You look amazing and you are just so beautiful!! I want my long hair back as you as well. My hairdresser went scissor happy last time. eeek


Hi Agnes
lovely pics of yours, yes fringe does suit you and you look beautiful, beach pic is my fav too, aah I miss the beaches and the breeze at the beach, have not felt it since I left New Zealand 2yrs back, wish to go and feel it sometime soon.

your posts are humorous and fun to read, been smiling all through....:)

oooohhhh Geoff is romantic....:-D

Like most of the others I too have fallen for the beach pic & I also like the 1 pic where u have tied ur hair up[4th pic I thk].

meant to say Geoff is sooooo romantic


Such gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous lady girl.


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