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Hi Grandma Agnes,

This is cute. But trust me, I saw this coming. Animal instinct, you know.

I am amazed at the subtlety of the humour you manage to generate. Great, I say. By the way, I would like to see Rudy.

I can see, I am the first one to be here. I dislike competition, you know.


Dear Agnes,

I really like this post! Anything that mentions Rudy is awesome! ;-) Your readers should know that we have 2 other dogs as well,Ricky and May (May May dogbot). We favor Rudy or as we call him "Udy". Ricky is really cute, his nick name is "Iggy". For some reason (treats) he has become very fat. I have considered putting him on "The" diet but I am pretty sure it is not meant for dogs. For sure you can post a picture of my dogs or my dog. May has a last name, too. It May May Mc Phee. See.....its not just you that goes on and on about your pet. I bet we have some animal lovers out there that would like to post pictures of their pets too! I love my dogs, especailly Udy. I do not know how I could live without them. Bruce feels the same way.


PS: I have 2 gold fish too. They share their name which is "Fish". They swim, they eat, the poop, they swim, they eat, they poop. That's about it on going on and on about them. They are pretty. I admire them. I have no pictures to share.

Awwww so adorable :)

Ahhh there is my Udy! :-))

Now, that's an Animal Kingdom.





Fish 1

Fish 2

Great, I say.

PS: (R)Udy is all wrapped up, eh! Cute fella.



Oww! I totally commiserate :D :D

Dogs, cats, fish, fleas, throw in a few sea monkeys and we'll have a regular Noah's Ark here. Why don't we move the setting to Pondicherry, India, throw in a Bengal tiger and call the whole thing "The Life of Pi"? No I'm just dreaming. Agnes, your expression of love towards this cat makes me love you all the more. Meow!

Oh great post friend!
I like those pics of animals..
I enjoy your post..
Keep on writing.Have a nice day..=)

Agnes..u r an animal lover..not everyone can be that.. i only love certain animals, i confess.. one of them are dogs.. i love them.. but too bad and unfortunately, i still cannot trace my Jingle Bell.. my kids told me to get a new one..i m still contemplating...

Agnes I have a dog. Her name is Sizzy. My sons love her more than they love me..he he...In fact my elder son says that it is his wish that one day he makes a shelter home for stray animals.
I love you cat. She is so cute. So adorable and I can see how much you love her.

Hi Agnes! how I wish I can also have a cat or a dog but I can't. Kids are allergic to fur. I used to have a dog, her name is Lady Dominique..she's long gone. how sad :(

Animals are great especially if you don't have kids at home and they are of great company :) take the best care for Jamie :))

P.S: Rudy is so so so cute!!!

LOL.......I saw this post coming:-D

Dont blame u 1 bit though......babies & pets brings us down to tht level.

But the true level of ur fanatism can be measured only when u manage to take a propah portrait of ur Jamie.

Now to see how long it takes u:-D

My pets really eases my tension from work. So I love them too but I even love my young brother and sisters. Thanks for sharing Agnes. :-)

awwwwwww sooo cute !!!!! I am sure jamie is having a great time with you fussing over her... and look how rudy is all wrapped up.....

LOL Just wait until you are keeping a photo of Jamie in your wallet and showing it to the checkout girl. Then we will know you are truly obsessed! He is gorgeous, and I must say he has the fanciest potty I have ever seen. Hehe

My dog has a last name too... her full name is Lady Belle Buttercup Landry. When I call the vet's office and give them her name, I can tell that they think we are crazy. LOL

LOL! That's too cute.

Hey Diamondmom,

Rudy is hypo alergenic. Poodles have hair not fur and don't shed. The only problem is because he has hair and so do my other two dogs, I have to wash them every two weeks without fail. Otherwise their hair gets all tangled and matted. The get the best shampoo and conditioner from the Beauty shop not the dog store. They love being groomed. I recomment the poodle. You dont have to do the foofy hair do's like a poodle on show. They are much cuter with just a puppy cut like Rudy's.


LOL I love this, especially the way there's just an inkling of crazy-cat-lady appearing in your eyes in the photo. Rudy is a cutie too!

I had a kitten (stray, got lost from his little and was huddled at our back gate crying) and I took so many photos of it I started to get embarrassed. Then someone told me about project 365 (take a photo every day) and I decided to combine the two. I made a photo account and took a picture of the kitten every day. It was lovely and people ended up nagging me if I didn't get around to uploading ("we demand more cat!").

(The sad end to the story is that the cat was runover on the same road where I originally found him. I was devastated. But having the photos helped a lot, to be honest and I still go through them).

--> Soul, did you read Life Of Pi, the book Geoff mentioned? I never got to finish it but it really is a great book. It starts out in Pondicherry. When we were in Tamil Nadu we got to go through Pondicherry and we really liked the place. I think you'd like the book :-)

--> Heather , LOL, LOL, LOL. And LOL again :-)))

--> Robyn , I totally agree, the regular puppy cut is way cuter than the shrub-looking show cuts.

--> Oh Sylvia , what a bummer. That's the only sad part about having pets. Losing them is just so damn painful.

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice cool blog..Keep up the good work... Do visit my blog and post your comments.. take care mate.. Cheers!!!

--> Ocean "friend"/"mate": you have posted the very same comment after another one of my posts -- is this something you just copy&paste on people's sites to make them visit your blog? I don't get it.

the dogs are ccuteeeeeeeeee :)

You are so cute, seriously reminds me of me and my friend :) I am so glad you found your sweet new little love. The unconditional love they bring is the best. And I love the photos of Jaime. Keep on clicking.


Bloody hell, Agnes! :) That's cute though. At least you're admitting. You're more than half way there for recovery. So you do have a plan to make some babies? Cool. Can't wait to see that happening then.

i dont blame u one bit.. they are adorable., super cute, jamie and rudy both!!
i am so tempted to get one for me

--> Scribble, get one :-)))) Seriously, they are so much fun to have around.

haha...so cute! Both jamie n rudy look so cuddable that I won't blame you doting over them...there's absolutely nothing wrong in discussing pets for hours:)

LOL, loved this post, so true And great pictures :)


Hi Robyn! thanks for the info..so sweet of you to really do care of your dog :) lovely! will discuss with my husband if we can have poodle,,,

To Ocean: better be unique or say something different(comes from your mind)...I think that's same message you post in my blog...be better careful!

ha ha ha so true even i have such pics of mine throughout the house...

miya miya...miya...so cute...

Cute cat... hmmm...not only the cat ;-)

It´s okay. Well, your cat is cute, plus you are far far far from being a crazy cat lady :lol:

Good for you.....but me personally, just not a pet person!

I know what you mean but kids differ from pets; each has special kind of love so my salut for this sweet cute 'Jamie'

I have no cats, yet have 7 that I feed. I love cats but for the most part my husband is allergic to them. However, one of the cats has made us her people and more recently made HIM her person.
Last week she caught a rodent in our house. Not sure if it was a small rat or a large mouse, but it had the longest tail on a rodent that I had ever seen. The tail was at least as long as the rodent, and the rodent was about 5 inches long.
My husband says she has earned her keep and lets her come in when she wants to. We forgot once and she spent the night at the foot of our bed even though her naps are normally in the other bedroom.
I am also one of those grandmas with hundreds of photos of the grandson, but he's the only one of 8 that lived close enough for NaNa to spoil.


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