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wow Agnes! you have the eye in photography...I like the photos :)

yes you're definitely true. we are much luckier than these women. It;s good to know that you have spent time with these women and do something "larger" than life :)

kudos to you and Geoff :)

I agree... These women have to face and fight a lot of things which we take for granted.. I can very well relate to their desperate need for freedom since I have seen a lot of women confined at various stages in life due to the norms of society in India.

Ameena is beautiful. She looks serene yet so determined !!!

It is a great feeling to have known you and Geoff, Agnes. It really is. Almost humbling.

I have nothing more to say. For I cant add value to the post even though I want to. Kudos.


Thank you for reminding me to appreciate the freedoms we are blessed with Agnes. I will say a prayer for your friends. Your photography is beautiful!


Yes, the pictures are tremendous. And the women, their eyes say something.


@ Soul:

They really are tremendous. They change you.

The morning before meeting them, Geoff and I were having breakfast at the small motel where we were staying. I had ordered 3 eggs sunny side up and what the waiter brought me were three eggs over hard. I snapped at him and made him fix my order and used a tone with him after which he'd know never to mess up my order ever again. Then we spent the entire day with the women of RAWA, came face to face with the reality that is their life, their students getting killed by mines and gunshots every week. That evening, when we got back to the motel, as we sat down in the restaurant to get some tea, I remember looking that waiter in the eye and feeling like the biggest bitch ever.

It really makes me sad for them and makes me really happy for what I got.

Agnes.... the last picture of the lady tells it all.. u can see the anguish in her eyes.. yes, i often heard and read the news online about how the women there are intimidated.. there is even a book by a lady who has now migrated to US, if i m not mistaken.. she relates the terror and horror being a helpless lady in Pakistan/Afganistan..
Tell us more, Agnes.. what was your experience like when u were there.. and any incidents that u came across that never make you forget...

wow. they are gorgeous. moody and stunning at the same time.

we are really blessed with what we have and with where we are at now. it's sad somehow that we have to see the hard situations of others before we can even fully appreciate everything we got.

for whatever it is that we are enjoying right now, let's always remember to share it with others, for it might just be the only blessing others can get to enjoy.

thanks for the insightful post Agnes. take care.

i have come across a few of them in Dubai and their stories are truly horrifying, it feels sad that we cant do much sitting here.
the pictures are shot well, and yes, could not comment earlier, the bangs look kick ass:)

Great post Agnes. Your photos are great and the memories of that trip stir deep emotions within me. I made some life-changing decisions after that trip but I do want to point out one big positive. The suffering of these women has brought world wide attention to the plight of women in every third world country and even in developed nations. Powerful and ethical people are working tirelessly now to bring equality and social justice to women everywhere. It has not been a fast process but it is gaining power and momentum each minute. RAWA played a much greater role in the liberation of women than they ever imagined and I'm proud to have worked with them. I'm proud to have worked with you.
I love you

Glad to know Afghanistan is rebuilding itself. Women can now have access to their basic rights. Your help to the Afghans is very well appreciated Agnes. Keep it up. :-)


I can understand.

I remember the first time you commented on my post and in my reply I had said: I wish there were more people like you in this world.

Today, I would not repeat it but I wish the same.


Epitome of courage...each one of them...What else can I say...For the fight they hav put up with life is something I can never imagine of doing ever...Good to knw that there are still people like U n Goeff who believe in working for such issues...I wish I ever gt a chance to......

Soul stirring - these images and the many stories that i've read about these women. I've got to say Geoff and you have a heart of gold. It's been a great pleasure knowing your virtual shadow - your cyber self. :)

OH Agnes this is such a fabulous post.
Great pictures, great writing, great insights, food for thought.

And Thanks God that there are people like you my dear.


psychological, cultural, social bondage - when will these women ever be free from them?

Our comfort zone is our prison, rightly said.

Their faces show their tales of courage. I'm happy to know someone as kind and affectionate as you Agnes :)

This is so powerful and thought-provoking and beautiful. I feel sad and hopeful and frightened thinking about them and their lives and ours and comfort zones.



I can believe the woman is 32. Because even though by our Western standards, she looks older through her (sad) experiences, you can see hope in her eyes.

The way the portraits were captured is beautiful. It shows empathy, it shows that women are free and that they are fighters, it shows courage.

Another world, far from us, that we should know.

Hi Agnes, such a nice post specially for all the woman.
And i'm very happy that most of the woman on other countries are still lucky.We must be thankful for that.Nice post really,have a nice day.;D

great post. beautiful photos!

i resonate your thought on the last sentence. the pictures in this post are great. You should read a book call Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez. I think you will identify with most parts of it.

Such simple shots, but so much power in them! Again, I really must commend you & Geoff for having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do such work.

So glad you visited that part of the world and that you took these photos. The pics have impact. These photos tell stories, you can look at these ladies and really appreciate them. I miss that part of the world too....

Their sadness reflects in their eyes. But they are fighters. I guess, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. You and Geoff are involved in very good work. I love your last lines. I really believe we're only in our element outside our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is our prison.

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