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have a great weekend agnes. I wish I could take such beautiful pics. trying to get there.

have a happy weekend Agnes... :)

As usual, nicely put, Agnes. Thanks! We are finally getting into regular spring weather hear in Seattle, and it's one of the most beautiful places I've seen. Come visit sometime! Love, Jane

This was a fantastic idea to share. The photos really do seem to take that slice out of time and make it immortal :)

Take care!

Great photos, thanks for sharing.
Hope everything is ok.
Take care and have a gorgeous weekend, beauty you.


Beautiful and evocative. I hope you are doing exciting things.

Hope you are having a nice time all the while youre away from the blog :).. The photos are simply superb !!!

Wonderful pictures... I always admire these timeless moments too. So much is captured!

Thank you for sharing those photos Agnes. I do hope everything is going wonderfully in your neck of the woods and that's why you are so busy!

A nice choice of photos,I've always loved black and whites.Some how they seem more dramatic.

Thanks for your comments :-)

The Jimmi Hendrix is my favorite...

Come on Agnes...hurry back!!!!!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend Agnes,and hope everything is ok.
This are great shots!.=) Have a wonderful day ahead.=)

A Writers Den

The Brown Mestizo

how was your weekend Agnes?Hope it is great.;D Looking forward on your next post.;D

Travel and Living

Get back soon, Agnes. It has been quite a while.

I like the third photo...looks so innocent :)

Love the pictures!

R u planning something really dramatic for a post? I hope u are well. Get back. A lot of us are missing your lovely posts.

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