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Have a great trip!!!!

Have fun agnes !!!!! Last time I was in Atlanta, I had a great time hogging at the awesome Indian restaurants they have ... and guess what ? I am in florida !!!! Yay!!!


Ah! Have a great trip, Agnes. Hope you enjoy the road trip and bring us loads of pictures and lovely posts.

PS: I would re-do the caption of the picture - The star at the Starbucks.


Enjoy your trip with Geoff. Drive safe.

Loved the southern accent.

My only not-so-fond memory of Atlanta is that i got my ONLY speeding ticket there. LOL! The officer was nice enough to cite +10 even though i was doing +20.

Have a fun trip. Drive safe. :-)

wow road trip!!! enjoy and have a safe trip :))

will wait for your post on this trip :)

and my memory of Atlanta and Georgia is office to hotel/hotel to office. So I look forward to hearing more about why you love Atlanta & Georgia.

LOL I had to laugh about you practicing your accent because I do not have to. I have a hard time not typing things like y'all on my blog. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Have a great time, ya all! Road trips are always fun and good for the soul!

Have a great trip, enjoy your time and have fun.


Make sure you come back with lots of pictures to share with us.

You look very European on the picture for some reason! Maybe the... nonchalance?

Never been to Atlanta except for connexions, so I'm hoping to learn more about it!

--> Zhu:

I was born in Europe (my mother was European) so I'll take it as a compliment :-)

hi Agnes! I do hope you enjoy your road trip... i'm sure it's gonna be lots of fun. take care! :)

Waiting for u to post more pictures when u are back. Hope u get ur accent right. My personal favourite is the Texan drawl. I sometimes watch movies based on Texas just to listen to them drawl away. In the 80's there used to be a serial called Dallas, I think. Used to watch in like crazy! How geeky was I!!!!!!

Hey Agnes

Have fun... and with you traveling, we all get the treat of some pretty cool posts :) Try to keep us updated... i devour every post of yours when you're on the road :)

Coffee... you sure love it a lot! :)

Have fun... both of you!

Road trip without kids is awesome!!!!

Have a good trip Agnes & bring back some lovely pics of you.
Keep us updated if it is possible.

Enjoy ur trip sweety....The second pic of urs is too coool..rockstar both Geoff n U

You look lovely! I've been to Savannah (and fell in love with the city) and have always envisioned Atlanta as a more suburban version of the same sort of city. I'm probably terribly wrong! Have a good trip and I can't wait to hear about it.

From the looks of it, I think it is indeed a vibrant city. I do remember a bit about Atlanta way back in 1996. The Summer Olympics. Anyway are you staying there for good?

Happy Spring Agnes!
In several days we'll be headed for Atlanta and the weather is perfect, the trees are all budding bright green leaves and the birds are chasing each other all over the sky weaving the calculus of the mating season. We'll hop in the car and leave the weight of normal life behind. Road trips with you are always fun as long as we make enough pit stops. Here's to good friends, greasy roadside diners, pickled okra and the spirit of adventure.
Love ya darlin'

Ah I agree the accent is delightful! have fun!

Hey your trip sounds lovely have a wonderful time Agnes, your pic is awesome,loved it.
am off on a journey as well, this time its auspicious one though.
Will come back and read your last post, been busy missed it.

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