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You are so right Agnes!!!
Great pictures and spring brings a new feeling, but here it's very cold yet :'(


Jamie! Jamie! Jamie! I spotted the little black thing on the lush green turf.

Lovely pictures. What phone do you use, Agnes? I plan to throw my camera and buy that phone. :D

Ah! Spring. We have scorching summer here, dear.

Coffee looks great.



where are 10- 15 pounds that you have put on? You look gorgeous. I love those flowers and that beautiful kettle. Sometime I would share with you pictures of my spring too.

Happy Spring to you, Geoff and your boy, Jamie.
:-) I love Spring! And, all the Seasons!

love love love the flowers and the lovely kettle :)

beautiful. good to see that someone I love is enjoying life. Just had late brunch and getting online to see what's happened while we were sleeping. :)

My spring is... er...



I want a refund. A refund on my Canadian permanent residence.

Okay, okay, I can't complain too much since we didn't have any winter in South America. The first couple of days we were back, it was mild. But it's below 0 tonight and it's chilly...

I was born on Spring day (today!) and it always feels weird that in Canada, we are not even close to spring.

Nevermind, I'm complaining about the weather like a true Canadian! ;-)

H A P P Y --- B I R T H D A Y --- Z H U ! ! !

as the song goes..."oh yes oh yes it's spring time, oh yes it's spring time"...

we don't have spring here...

anyhow..happy spring to you and geoff! love the teapot and the flowers ;)

wow. lovely patio you got there, agnes. and the flowers look divine.

"life is worth getting out of." you are so right.


Camera phone pics? Wow, really nice! The weather is simply superb where i stay. It could change tomorrow though. I wish I could enjoy it as much as I want to but sighhhhhhhhh......

Indeed...looks like a perfect morning !
Enjoy the rest of the day !

so simple, so nice, so invigorating, so eternal

hey Agnes...yr pics are great even with yr cell phone.. mine is even worse... i tot of changing to a HTC anytime now...
Happy Spring to u... u look fantastic in yr picture!

What lovely photos Agnes! Your flowers are fantastic, and I love the composition of the one with Jamie. Beautiful green grass! We are enjoying our spring very much. The children have already been swimming!

@ Soul: iPhone :-) It does take pretty decent pictures but it doesn't have a zoom feature....

I like your atitude

lovely photos, but you are lovelier! ;)

here, we just have either a wet or a dry season... it's super hot summer here now.

"Here comes the sun, here comes the sun... And I say it's all right..."

Spring ..... it seems like a foreign concept, even here in B'lore since it lasted barely a few days, and now its just plain hot!!! Lovely pictures, as always :)

Loved the flowers in ur house and that kettle....Nice pics.

For a camera phone, it captures a very nice images. I love it Agnes especially the flying bird, no ghost image at all. Enjoy the spring.

Oh, love the flowers..;D
Great photo's you have,and happy spring time..=)

I'm so happy for Spring!

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