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what a beautiful view you got there! love the flowers. are those real?

Now that's what you call "Home, sweet home".

cozy and comfy!!!:)

u have such a lovely haus!

Ur house looks really cosy Agnes...If that was the view from my kitchen, I'd rather stop cooking and stare outside the window all day long. Nice flowers dear.

Ur house even from the little u've shown us looks lovely Agnes & the lilies are awesome.
The fireplace reminds me of my holidays in Kodaikanal[a hill station in Tamil Nadu]........ooooohhh lovely, lovely memories associated with tht place.

Actually its been very cold here in Dubai also but slowly the temperatures are rising. Excellent climate now if u plan to visit:-D. This will last upto the end of March & after tht its 8 months of burning scorching heat:-(.

I can barely type this morning, it went below freezing and still hasn't warmed up. But the sky is clear and cloudless and it should get much warmer soon. There's something wrong with frost on palm trees. I love the comments from all the wonderful friends and acquaintances who visit the site. You expand my horizons. Yes the view from the kitchen is spectacular. In the early morning light, I watched the cat trying to scare a few ducks who simply ignored him. He's been in a foul mood ever since. (Maybe even a fowl mood) You have made our home beautiful. I don't take it for granted. Thank you babe.
Much Love

lovely flowers, agnes. :) keep yourself warm and comfy...

wish we have a fireplace too!

Thanks guys. Had I had known you were going to comment on the house instead of the lilies and the fog I would have at least washed the dishes :-)

You silly girl! I did not even notice that there were dishes in the sink until you pointed it out! LOL The flowers are gorgeous! We are feeling the cold here in Louisiana too. I hate it! The kids are stuck inside and have cabin fever which means they are driving me insane! I hope that it warms up soon for both of our sakes!!!

Yah, it really makes you worry about GLOBAL WARMING. Doesn't it? I recieved a huge vase full of those exact lily's for my B-day. They have such a beautiful fragrance. Amazing!

Now, back to the cold. Bruce and I have this down because we have electric base board heating and it costs a fortune. You buy the winterizing plastic and put it around your windows, keep the heater on 65 at all times, get blankets, fleece pants and tops, very warm socks and slippers and blanket. Then you are good to go! Come on Florida soldiers, buck up, now! You can make it through these current weather conditions!

Ah Dishes in the sink cant be seen and the fireplace is so cozy! All u needed was a dog lying besides it :D

I love that u have used orange color! It makes the room more pleasant.. and the lily is amazing!!

You have a beautiful place... pretty close to what I wud like to call my dream home!!

Lilies love cold weather, even here in the tropics they only bloom in high altitudes. I saw that kind of lily, its so beautiful and my grandma call it "two lovers"just her jargon maybe. Anyway just keep your house warm Agnes for sure that cold weather will pass. Spring indeed is coming. Until then.

O wow... Agnes it's such a cozy home :)
Loved the flowers and the view from your kitchen :)


What beautiful lilies you have. To be honest, I'm really waiting for the daffodils to come out, my favorite flowers of all.

Agnes, I regularly get a pop-up window saying "Can't accept this data" when I try to comment. Later it works again OK - any idea what's causing this?

you've mentioned how cold it is in your area, that's just how opposite we have! lol.. it's so hot here in the Philippines! hehe.. anyway, are those flowers real? i mean are those alive?? really nice! i haven't seen that kind of flower still in the stalk of the breathing plant.. its so beautiful to look at, really! hope to have those! lol.. :)

Hi Agnes.. u have a lovely comfy living hall.. especially with the wood panelling and stuff.. how i wish i can experience winter.. my dream is to go US one day.. been postponing the trip each year.. one day..one day...i shall...
God Bless..

looks warm and comfy, nice pictures!

i think the 'dishes' added to charm. what do u think guys?

I agree mikoy, and I didn't even notice the dishes at first. Really nice Agnes.

You have such a beautiful and cosy home with lilies in the kitchen. I also like the warm lights and orange wall.

Agnes, my gorgeous you, I just knew you have a new page today. I was wondering why you didn't post and discovered this page.
I'm sorry, my darling, I haven't been here sooner.

What a lovely and cozy home, dear.
And the lilies... beautiful.

Take care sweetie, all the best


Sylvia -- I had no idea there was a problem. I'll check into it.

Oh i know why it happens.. by the time she comments someone else has.. so she has to refresh the page.. happened to me too :)

Ah hah - thanks Winnie. I'll make a point of refreshing before I start to comment.

Dishes in the sink!!!!! I saw none, Agnes. All I saw were the lillies. Tremendous place you have. Great view of the outside. You have a great great home. God bless you both.


you got a nice house Agnes and the flowers are so lovely taken :) love flowers and plants inside the house... I love the fire place...am wishing I could have one too but am living a tropical place where winter doesn't exist...LOL!!!

That's a lovely, warm-toned house you have there, it looks very inviting!

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