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such lovely pics.. and a lil too camera shy eh?:)

Le Chat est un balle de fourrure. Un joli balle de fourrure!

Very lovely pictures of you and your cat! :)))

And the Oscar goes to.........
......................................................... Slumdog Millionaire.

Your cat hates the crazy paparazzi, I guess. But what to do. The paparazzi love your cat.

Lovely pictures, Agnes.

I am disappointed with Slumdog....


Thanks Agnes. You always look so beautiful and the cat will learn to hold still for the camera eventually. Don't worry. When are you going to do a post on his wild behavior? His adventures with the wild ducks and gulls? His fascination with birds, lizards and insects? His taking over the entire guest room as his own? Shall I go on? There's a big story here.
All my love

Oh dear that's a gorgeous cat. I'll forgive you even if you only talk about the cat 100miles/hr 24/7.

you might want to consider creating another blog for Jamie alone. :) perhaps Geoff might want to consider being co-author? *lol*

She is so cute. So cudly.

Cute Cat.....But I wanted to see her face....

U look great

Jaquline's comment made me laugh. That is a great idea. A blog from Jamie's point of view. My favorite photo is the one on the bottom left. You can just tell by your body language that you are comfortable with Jamie. It says a lot!

Awwww very cute :)

And you look so much in love :P

Oh Agnes, so funny and cute.
Beautiful pictures!!!


jamies is shoo cute!

On Jamie's behalf thanks for the lovely comments, everyone :-)

Oh how beautiful! The cat and you and the look in your eyes and the composition of the images. I love this.

I have to admit, my favourite photo is ... no, I keep changing my mind. These are all wonderful and I really like the framing and overlapping. Makes it feel like I'm looking at your desk!

never mind ur cat.....u r looking gorgeous!!!!!!

I love all the pictures anyway! The camera loves you ;)
Please feel free to use any pictures that you like, and thank you for wanting to post a link!


I am so happy that you got a cat! I would of prefered you to get a dog but I am just happy you have a fur ball to love.



Just spellbound. Beautiful pictures of a lovable one.

Take care

hehe...maybe the cat feel shy :D Jamie looks cute ..Meow meow
i love cat too :)

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