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Some great taste you have, Agnes. I swear. It shows. Classssssy.

Ah! Am I the first one to leave a comment on an arty topic I know so little about? Looks like, yes.


Nice art! I heard its pretty cold down there. My friend that lives there in Florida, who came from the Pacific Northwest, says that she has to wear her fur lined flip flops because its so cold. It is actually warming up here now as it typically does in February. Its now in the the high 30's and low 40's. Which is quite mild. We don't even wear coats in those temperatures. Today it seems like Spring. I am not yet ready to let winter go, so I am glad that the Ground Hog reportidly saw his shadow. I would like one more good snow storm.


Those are gorgeous Agnes! Thank you so much for sharing. I got to browse pretty things for a while. It perked up an otherwise gloomy day. =0)

I'm glad you like them :-)

Robyn, those "fur lined flip flops" crack me up.

H a p p y B i r t h d a y R o b y n ! ! ! ! !

Thanks! Agnes!

you might want to visit Sinta's arts at http://lichtensteiger.etsy.com and http://sinta.etsy.com
fine arts out there. :)
Happy February to you too! :)

Thank you so much Agnes. You made my day!! :) I love the other work as well that you posted. Such great color!

I think you picked the best piece among all of Linn's illustrations. It'll look great over your fire place. ;-)

those are great art pieces. i want to do something different this v-day.

Ohhhh... they are so lovely and inspirational. Thanks a lot for the link to the Bangkok shop - I have some friends who might like to visit.

Nice designs. You really have a good taste Agnes :)

I checked out the Bloom website, it's so cool! Leigh's blog is nice, I'll be following it. Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great week ahead sweety :)


Great ideas. I would visit these sites soon.

lovely designs.. visited the websites too, thanks for sharing.
You are so lucky, its just the beginning of Feb and summers ahve already arrived in dubai :(

The work of Linn Olofsdotter is fantastic, nice choice Agnes. The subject of her art is definitely expressed, it is also magical. I really enjoy your posts. Take care

hi Agnes, I am indeed touched by your kind and generous gestures... the more i think of Jingle Bell, the more i miss him... none other pets can replace him.. so devastated..i hope we can find him..yes, i think yr suggestion is great.. though the chance is very slim, i hope someone , anyone can find him.. anyway, what i wish is.. even if he may not come back, he will have a better home somewhere else.. sigh..

Anyone out there in Malaysia:

Claire's dog, Jingle Bell disappeared last night.

Please help Claire circulate Jingle Bell's picture.

For more data please go to http://reanaclaire.blogspot.com/2009/02/jingle-bell-where-are-you.html

You've got great taste in art, Agnes. I'm a fan of illustrative work also. My husband (who is an artist) can be very illustrative at times, which is some of my favorite things that he does, but his gallery work is a little different - more abstract and conceptual. He is working on a children's book though, so that he can have a well rounded outlet for illustration and figure -which is his deepest love.
Anyway, all that to say, I like the pieces you picked to show ;)

These are all lovely and Mehreen is right, you have excellent taste. I've always hidden the fact that I'm partial to the Magical Realism school of Andrew Wyeth. "Christina's World" moved me deeply once I knew the story behind it. Thanks for putting these aesthetic offerings on a post. You rock!

while you're having a coolest winter we are having the hotest summer here in Perth. It's been reaching 100F quite often which is quite painful at times. :)

I haven't had a chance to think anything creative or artistic lately. It's great to see this post to get my mind back to it. Take care, A. How lovely is your Geoff?!

Linn is an original and so is Leigh.
Their work draws you in.
Thanks for passing this on
Summer kisses winter tears reminds me of someone I know...just
can't quite put my finger on it

thanks for sharing this one...love the paintings!

uh-oh, 'am not really into art, but this kind of post (as yours) convinces me to. :)

hi Agnes! i have tagged you here

I love how the handbag was designed, its very hip and trendy, the painting looks awesome also..

i like the pic design, nice and unique

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