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Ah agnes.. those singers r good!

@branded bags.,.. I do believe that most would choose brand over quality !

I completely think that the branded purses are a status symbol, and are all about how much people pay for them. Honestly... I think a lot of them are pretty ugly. I would rather have something pretty and handmade, or simple and functional, but that is just me.

I am totally cracking up at your American Idol addiction! I watch it every now and then. I am not too big on TV even though we have four in my house. My husband IS addicted!


I would not buy a hand bag for more than 50 bucks. It would come from Kolhs or Sears or JC Penny's. I am a tight wad when it comes to things like that.

Yeah! Agnes watches some TV! Right On, Beauch!



I agree with Heather, some people would spend lots of bucks on things for status symbol...

as for me, i look at the design and style, and functionality. :)

husband and I are getting hooked on AI too. :)

(uh-oh! i'm sorry about the previous post... i was switching from internet explorer and opera, copying and pasting, and there it went! *sigh* )

same here. i am addicted to idol, too. hahahaha

Exactly! I don't think the branded expensive bags have any magic in them. The best ones though are the imitations you get in Bangkok :) Real for a tenth of the price...

You are right Agnes. People buy the branded stuff not because they are exceptionally beautiful but because of the brand value/ status symbol/ price tag attached to it. If they were selling for 50 bucks, they would loose their charm.

yes it's the brand that sells. But again what made the brand in the first place? Other than marketing, the product itself has to be good. But again the price of such luxury goods are 90% made up of the brand value and 10% for quality.
If they start selling at Kmart for $100, people would still buy them - only the demographics would change!

Me loves fogs :P

How have u been dearie?

I find LV bags are rather ugly for my taste.. that said some Asian will just die for it.
I went to an Asian resaturent last week and there was this woman (of course Asian)having her LV on her lap while eating. HMMM that's crazy.

xxxxx no TV... evil. :)

Definitely because everyone will know they paid big bucks:-D...I maybe showing my ignorance here but I feel some of those bags are like......ummm weird[for want of a better word:-S].

It's a question of status symbol ... but there are worse ways for people to show off their disposable income. I'm intrigued by the amount of people that think they look ugly or odd, though - maybe there is something special about the style! And as Deeplydip said, something had to make the brand in the first place.

I found a STUNNING handbag at Malaga airport and fell in love with it - then saw the cost. It was by a famous designer (apparently) and was way beyond what I could justify for something that I throw on the floor under my chair. But it was beautiful and I haven't forgotten it, clearly that designer is doing something right (but I'm still not paying for it!)

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!

Some pay big bucks because they can. Some really like those bags and pay to own them. Some pay because they want people to know they paid big bucks. Simple, I guess.


hi Agnes.. yes, dropping by here to see yr latest.. Watched American Idol last nite .. i m also a fan of this show...will keep watching till the finale.. i love david archuleta 2008... haha...

Good point Agnes;
It is the exclusiveness, the cachet, the fact that others know what a person paid that gives it its perceived worth. Put it in K Mart and it wouldn't sell at all. On the men's side, it is the huge super custom cars with three DVD players, 12 speakers, leather steering wheel and seats in bright red, a mirror paint finish and 20 inch wheels that cost as much as a Honda that create the same illusion. It reflects what the owner feels is lacking in themselves. The more toys, the less soul? I think it was Buddha who said, "All games end in a tie." Peace.
Love ya

I really dont car how much LV bags are sold for, for me my only choice is Hermes..

I will not spend big bucks for LV but if they are 100 bucks in K-mart I will certainly get one. Hahahha Thanks for the visit =)

i agree with Kiran. a jewelry, or apparrel, or a bag as such, is in its most appealing state when people only at the tip of the pyramid can loosely afford to have it. :)

Well if people looking for brad product, they don't care about the price, like LV . I think it depend on buyer which can think smart about the price :)

Wow that brand is just so expensive. I guess women who purchase those bags sure makes a lot of money.

Nice post Agnes, women now are having a second thought or now making the right move to buy bags.

See yah. :-)

I don't see LV as one that I should have...I agree it's just the brand and people's mentality, that you're well-off if you have one...it will lose it's branding if they'll gonna sell it for $100 but I guess they are doing it because there a lot of fake/imitation LV in the market...

I love the American Idol even husband reminds me of it...LOL!!! :)

You know Agnes I think I wouldn't buy LV bags even if they were cheaper. I don't like all those letters and monogram, so I don't feel them.

Thank you so much my dear for being with me and visiting on this difficult days I'm having. It warms my heart.

Have a great and fabulous weekend dear.


I think at the end of the day if you really really like a bag no matter how much it costs if you can afford it or save up for it then get it. It doesn't matter about the money as long as you gat use and enjoyment out of it.
Very lovely blog by the way
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

its like a status symbol..so definitely won't sell at kmart
so you are finally hooked on to the television eh? you should give facebook a thought now:)

Those bags are really expensive but it's okay to buy one if she can afford it. Have a lovely day ahead.

I have my speedy and I love it! But I also love my cheap finds too wherever I find them.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Agnes. :)

Louis Vuitton is totally a symbol of someoneĀ“s wealth. I mean, why else would people parade with such an ugly bag??? Sorry, just my opinion...

Totally agree with you, not only on LV, but on all branded stuff really. I love to shop, but for me, stuff has to be functional, good-looking and be at a reasonable price......no way I'd shell out big bucks just to sport a name.

And you're addicted to Idol??? My sis & I have been following it for years & as of last year, hubby's hooked too. In the top 13, I like Matt Giraud, Scott Macintyre & Anoop Desai, well.....so far. That's bound to change as the show progresses :D

Louis' mutton? I hear he makes good mutton chops...no wait, those are his sideburns...

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