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I simply love cats Agnes... i complately truly madly adore them :)
Had a wide wide wiiidddeee smile reading this one.

Have fun with him.
By the way, does your cat have a name? :)

hi Agnes..so u got yrself a new companion? well, it is like having a new member in the house, either u take care of him or he takes care of u..haha..either way, hope both of u will be happy..
as for me, i prefer dogs than cats... how about having both in the same house? haha... there will be no such word as quietness or loneliness in your life anymore... :)

awwwww..... he is cuuutee... its such a wonder the extent you go to tolerating the pets you love ....am glad he got a good home and aloving you :)

Thanks guys :-)

--> Mehreen, his name is Jamie.

Ahh love of a pet consumes you until nothing is left.. I forgive my sweety chewing off my jeans.. our pillows.. scratching the door.. our sofas anything in plastic rubber or leather... all for the joyous welcome I get everytime I return home :)

Nothing like having a cute furball snuggle up to you in the morning or the evening or the afternoon and ...all points in between

Someone told me it's like having kids but you can't really take them to restaurents? Well maybe in France you can. Oh dear, it's a cute cat!

So cute and funny!! Pets the unconditional love they give and the messes they leave behind:)

OMG! so cute! i love pets, too. lovely house for a lovely lady like u agnes. princess of beauty

Pets leave behind paw prints all the time. Literally and figuratively.

How wonderful. We need more photographs of Jamie.

forgot to tell you... you look absolutely angelic in this photo :)

probably one of your best ones :)

that is unconditional love for you.... you look fabulous in the first photo.

I had the most wonderful cat once. I don't want to get another one because I know he/she won't be as good. And I cannot endure all those things you said above about taking care of it. And cat pee is a terrible smell isn't it?...then why do I have this slight aching in my heart when I see a little kitty? It's a conundrum.

This is awesome!! And how you've so well-adjusted to your new owner! Well done!I have to find a vid I received a couple months ago and send it to you. It's a time-lapse thing, you'll like it...

Jamie is adorable! I think it is awesome that you adopted him. Cats are so much fun! (Even when they make messes! LOL)

"Jamie" is the nick name of my favourite cricketer, Agnes!! So that is one reason why I like that black little thing perched atop something.

Great to know you have company and you're having fun. The post says it all. Fantastic.


how cute..and what an amazing company
but i am sure waking up like that wasnt all that thrilling :)

Agnes...hes cute...But honestly, I dnt prefer keeping cats at home coz i hav two parrots and a dog. Post some more pictures of Jamie

Oh Agnes I just love those furry fur balls. It is so good of you to welcome a new member in your house. Its a challenge to tame the new member indeed so better keep the long sleeves as your armor of protection to scratches.. Have a nice day.

nice blog, Im glad I found it!!

cute cat there!!!

LOL.....renaming the files & just imagining the crack of dawn scenario:-D.

Its very easy to get attached to animals......I had 2 dogs & I loved them to bits. Here in Dubai dogs are not allowed in apartment & I wdn't get 1 even if I cd...hardly any space to run around. But there r cats everywhere...u knw, stray cats.

lol...i love cats too...they make you work like you were born to serve them...but its still nice to have a pet around...enjoy with him :)

Hahaha.. Jamie sounds just like every other cat. Mischevious and something real easy to fall in love with.

Sorry, but I just don't get how people live with pets!!!

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