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OMG!!!! this is such a logical explanation.. Just want to know does this also apply to girls who were already overweight to begin with and still gain 10 pounds??? No, Not that I am planning to gain any but just for information :)

i also want to gain weight because i feel that i'm too skinny. i do eat a lot.. i eat anything i want to, but it just doesn't do the trick... so, i just enjoy being skinny... :)

you are too pretty just the way you are, Agnes. :) so nothing to worry. :)

very well written Agnes, and u made quite a points there
a thin woman can step out wearing just anything. as u must have have read in my posts or commnets , i have been trying to loose a couple of kgs forever now
but hey! looking at ur pics i dont u need to shed weight!!

Wow... I made it before 'Talking to my Soul' here :D

Hey did you put on weight? Well... I don't notice it and to me, you're as young as 25 babes! Hehehe

The 'advice' to men was apt and correct!


awww... i have been groaning about my weight too since 2009.. in fact, i took out my measuring tape.. my waist before this year was 27..and now...?? it is 28 1/2 inches!!! gosh, gosh.. i need to do something but seem not to be doing anything about it.. my appetite is like rocket sky high...
on the softer note, thank God for the abundant food .. right? otherwise, we will be hungering instead.. so i better stop groaning.. :)

Hi Agnes! good points...me, am trying to loose weight after the two consecutive pregnancies I have and it's working a little slow...from 32 inches waistline now down to 27 inch...not bad right? and still work in progress. when I was single I used to have 24 inches waistline....shot! miss being skinny...

Thanks for the "gyaan," Agnes. It's a cardinal sin to say yes when you have to say no, I guess. So you "no." Know, I mean.

Yes, I can see someone giggling for arriving on your page before I did. Ever she heard of the word "generosity"?

It was great reading the post. Tremendously funny and relatable.


I cannot agree with you more. I never knew that after 30 a woman needs to choose between her face or her figure. Now I am going to have to make some tough decisions.

I liked your tip to the male folks.

I have seen stores put up strange discounts like..... the bigger your waist size, the bigger the discount. Or even better - If your waist is blah blah, your partner will get that blah blah discount on the pair they buy. You can bet that you will never find me at that discount sale.

Good blog. Will visit more often!

he he he agnes.. that seems lovely explanation :P'

Esp the bit of advice for guys :)

ha ha. what does a fitness trainer say? Do I say something?
One thing I can say for sure. You don't have an ounce of fat. And your face glows. Now what is the secret?

I am a male and I'm really concerned on my figure, since our company issues office attire I would always watch what I eat or else if I gain weight my uniform would burst. Very interesting Agnes. By the way Agnes by looking at your photos, you're on a good shape. Take care

Oh, thanks everyone. Your compliments sound like music to my ears I tell you! Keep them coming :-))))

--> Soul, what's "gyaan"?

- 'Trivia' in an Indian language?
- Useless piece of information?
- "Get Your Alaskan Alter-ego Now?"

And by the way, I also thought that my post was funny, so thanks. :-)))

--> Oh Kiran, you're the whole package. You're fit AND beautiful -- a goddess -- something the rest of us ordinary creatures can only dream of.

The title and your bit of advice to the men made me giggle Agnes. Funny post! =0)

Oh Agnes you're so funny with this post.
But you pointed some good food for thought. Like the woman being thin anything fits well otherwise....

I've always heard about that "younger-looking-logic", but I'm not very interested.... I'm afraid that I'm afraid of it!!!!

Well, but I'm sure you still have the same weight and you still ARE so beautiful, my dear. So You must not have things to worry about.

Take care, all the best


Interesting post and comments. I think you will find some logical reason that makes sense on why it is ok to gain weight in these tough economic times. I know for a fact that the more you eat, you are supporting the agricultural and food industry and they need their jobs so it is important for you to keep them all employed. It is the American way. So chow down and have that extra blueberry pie, smile as you drink your latte and have that second helping of cheesecake,in fact a 3rd, because you are keeping the wheels of economy turning. It is that important.

Thanks for adding my logo. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.
Somehow I feel so connected with you. Even though we have never met.
And I am no Goddess. We are good friends.

Ouch....u hit hard with ur title itself:-P

And tht 15 pounds u are talking abt...I'm mighty interested in finding out where....all ur pics show u super trim.

And thts a good piece of advice for the boys.....upfront & direct.

And is Geoff busy???? His comment is not visible anywhere????


--> Nancy: Geoff is slacking off. I too noticed that his comment is way late... he's playing with the cat.
Had I had known I was going to get all these compliments I would've written this earlier.
But the scale doesn't lie and neither do my pants (you're not gonna believe it Nancy but it's mainly on my arms and legs).

--> Lucky, (I mean Mr. Chanceux) now that's damn good reasoning. I can't believe I didn't see the obvious. You should solve crime, Lucky :-)

I didn't realize the broad social implications of your post; the creative care and handling of men through the art and skill of womanhood, the economic benefits of eating too much, the solution to unemployment and more. You should be appointed to the cabinet of President Obama. But on a personal level, I don't see the weight you are talking about and your sparkle and glow are what makes you tick.

Oh! I am so sorry for that, Agnes.

"Gyaan" or "Gyan" in Sanskrit/Hindi (and in a lot other Indian languages) means knowledge or wisdom. Use of the word meant, thanks for sharing the wisdom (you know which one I was talking about).

De-mystified, I guess.



I would take (and do take) no wrinkles and being slightly over weight as opposed to Skinny, gaunt, and old looking any day. Being skinny is overrated.

This was a great post.


--> TalkingToMySoul: Thanks :-)

Get out! For real? You don't look anything like you've gained that much. Dang.
It's what you're comfortable with in the end...
I'm munching on things quite a bit at the moment..should stop somehow. :)

Maybe she should do something together!

xoxo songy

1st I just adore you and thank you for the feature, blush:)

And this is so true about working out, I finally, finally got back into working out since the summer and I swear I have been sick ever since, It was the flu and now the longest cold of my life. So safe to say not working out and just waiting. I was just fine before I put myself through all of huffing and puffing and squats. LOL..

Great post!!

If those pictures next to your post are you... you don't need to bother about anything... you just look gorgeous!
So no worries...

I didn't know that crow's feet disappear if you put on weight, but it makes sense.....more flesh to fill out the wrinkles.

But from your pic, I can't see that you have any problems.....you look terrific!!!

I've never understood the obsession with weight. I think that if you're healthy and you feel good, then you look good, no matter how curvy you are.

hmmm thought provoking & i just discovered your blog!
hate to admit this, but being skinny is so much better, but of course being healthy is still priority! Great weekend dear!!

Nobody has any problem telling a guy when he's getting fat...trust me, I know from experience...hahaha

Perhaps the best thing to do is to cover your body in trash bags for a week, then when you start wearing reasonable clothes people can comment how fashionable you are? Surely one would be more conscious of the fact that you are no longer a creepy bag lady then slightly overweight?

You look fantastic Agnes! and that camera added 10 pounds and you look skinny still!

I just realized my attempt at being funny could be taken as me thinking that you are overweight. I think you are stunning just as you are!!! And not at all overweight!!!!

@Michelle: oh I totally thought your joke was funny :-D This post is almost a year old BTW and the weight has somehow melted off since, so I am happy :-D.

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