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Yay Agnes is back! I know this has to seem pretty plain after your fabulous website. It is good to "see" you though. Congrats on the new addition to your family! I can not wait to see pictures of him =0)

I am happy that you are back! And, happy that you have a critter! I love having 3 dogs they add so much to your life! Keep your blog on Agnes!


Wow...I get to be the first to comment on your blog ( not counting the two before me).

Having this blog is like having sunshine every day, a day without this
blog is like a day without sunshiine.


Well Done Agnes. It is great to have your cheerful posts gracing my screen once more. I hope you keep all your wonderful friends and make many new ones. And by the way, do you know when Valentine's Day is?
Love you Babe

YAY your back, I was trying to click on your blog and thought it was my browser that was the problem a few days ago.
I totally understand the adjustment of something new, I am actually having that kind of feeling today with my hair, even though the outfit is put together well, I feel a mess.. lol. But hopefully soon you will feel adjusted:) I also subscribed to this new one as well.

Have a wonderful weekend Agnes:))

oh, ur back.. i visit u several times and was wondering what happened
await the post and pictures from ur trip, am sure u had a good one. come back soon

BINGO! Ah! You are back and the typepad blog looks almost like the old one. So clean and absolutely so no-nonsense. Loved it. Welcome back.

Like Lucky, I also feel I am the first to comment on your new site (if you ignore all of the above).


Oh. How come the site went down? How is your new member doing?- The cat you have adopted?

Hi Agnes

So glad you're back.... it felt so weird not having you and your sweet words around... Now it feels as though my blogger friends circle is complete again (i know i'm sweet hehe!)

Yea i know you'll feel a little alien on this new platform for some time but then you'll get used to it :) I'm just gald you're back :)


Thanks everyone for welcoming my new blog. Coming from all of you it means a lot.

Yes, it's good to be back and I am sure I'll get adjusted to TypePad, eventually...

Jamie is a great kitty. I am spoiling him rotten though. He's about a year old. Long black hair and huge feet :-)

Hey Agnes,

Happy to see U back:-D!!!!!!!

Yeah this place is a bit plain comnpared to ur previous one but you knw wht...I got in here within a second:-P....the other page used to take ages to load.

When are u going to put up ur old posts???? Waiting to read wht I missed earlier.

P.S: Ahem....Geoff is already hinting abt Valentine's Day. Lucky U:-D!!!

Ah like everyone else I went to your site and when I saw it down i wondered what happened!

Glad to see you back.. but why typepad? why not blogger??

Erm I am loyal!

Felt gr8 to read ur post again though!

Welcome back, Agnes! Missed the Treehouse. Did it go to Treehouse cyberspace? At least we all have another place to play. Thanks for the invitation.
Love, Jane

hi agnes. :) i missed ur blog. u take care! :)have a happy new year!

Hmm, why can other people comment and I can't? *grumble*

Oh! It's working now. I'm embarrassed. BUT I'm also very glad to see you back. I'm sure you'll get used to typepad (but maybe get a domain so people don't lose you if you do switch?)

My website was down a couple of time, and it bugged me a lot. Only felt better when the problem was solved! After all, we put a lot of work into our sites!

you were using the .mac service weren't you? didn't it give you any backup function to restore all your posts? If it did, Typepad should let you import your old stuff. I hope it does.

It seems you love TOPs..

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