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i had to run around for a while before getting bf his gifts. buy him something related to his hobby. sorry about the wet living room, that can't be fun at all. i am like you, i am not addict to tv shows and such.

I sooooooooo agree with you. Its so much better getting a hot bath than being stuck to a TV show. Of course..I am giving you this worldly wisdom when I am myself addicted to one of the stupid soaps on Indian television and I catch those updates no matter what online each night :)And yes, its so difficult to think of gifts for men..They always want one these gadget thingies and if you go ahead and buy them one of those they will come around and read some reviews and tell you that a better version of the same product could have been bought ..sigh !!


Well.....I need my TV, lady. For cricket which runs all through the year. When the time comes, for a bit of soccer too. Beyond that nothing much. I don't follow soaps. Nope. Movies, yes.

Thank your wet wall and floor, you and Geoff got your cable. Say my wishes to him on his B'Day. Don't buy him anything. Say it is recession time. You need to save up for future. Ha! Ha!


I could really do without television completely. The older I get, the more useless a lot of it seems. The news is just downright depressing. I do watch movies, that I pick and choose from a rental place. My husband, on the other hand, is addicted to television. I recently got our satellite dish upgraded to a high definition one, and I did not hear a peep out of him for a solid week! I am sorry about your wall! Thank goodness you were able to get it fixed quickly.

congratulations on your newly installed cable!

Well....before I get to my confession about TV, I am going to say this first- Too bad about the flood. Broken pipes and water to clean up and water damage to fix really is a pain in the rear. Now, that being said, I now have to say that I disagree totally on the overall opinion of TV. I love TV. I have two flat screen TV's, a DVD player, and now the i-TV. With what I do all day long on my job, I need something that helps me to unwind. And, TV really helps. I like fantancy land, I like a couple of the the "Reality" TV Programs such as Amazing Race, Survivor and Top Chef. I like to watch the Dog Whisperer and a few of the different Law and Orders. So, I hope nobody Poo Poo's my feelings on this. I love it, I watch it, and I still have time to spare for my dogs, cleaning my house, going to work, cooking, and being with the man I love.

TV now isn’t a luxury; it’s a need. If you’re not into it, you will likely be left behind on what’s new and what’s happening around you.:) It’s nice to put a little time to watch on shows that matter and continue immersing yourselves on shows (like ‘24’) you and Geoff both fancy. It strengthens the bond. :)

A present for him? Buy him something signifying your utmost feeling – something that this 4-letter word would/should signify: S-A-L-E. Just kidding! I mean, L-O-V-E.:)

Ah! Same here.. am not at all addicted.. I dont have patience to watch just the movie thru... I watch them in parts :D :D

@News.. I dont know most of the news.. only news that are such huge headliners that they r discussed earnestly in office.. those are the news I know.. coz I dont wanna come across as dork ;)

Anyhow.. happy potato couching :D

I am so glad to find your blog again. i was missing you.
i had the tiniest TV on earth for a long while now. I recently upgraded to a 52" flat screen :D...and I loveeee my movies on it. So are you planning to do without a TV now that analog is being wiped out and digital is mandatory?

Oh you made me laugh, that leak made a huge change.
I agree with you though, I watch far less TV than I used to, but I still have my moments of a few shows and news I cannot get away from. And how wonderful to sit and relax in the hot tub in the rain. I used to do that at a friends house while it snowed outside, it was so great.

yes! watching TV can be so addictive... but it's relaxing too! enjoy watching! :)
maybe you wanna catch THE BIG BANG THEORY? you might find it hilariously funny. ^_^

Hi Babe;
This was a fun post. I like to think that TV is no good but I get trapped, just like everyone else. Two years ago, we were in Nigeria and there was a tiny TV in the lobby area. It only got two channels - professional soccer and Big Brother. Gandhi was right! First I ignored it, then I made fun of it, then I fought the urge and then it won. But at home, I do try to stay away from it as much as possible. By the way, what are you getting me for my birthday?

-> Geoff: A big screen TV and a LaZboy recliner that has one of those built in cup holders in the arm rest :-)))

Thanks everyone for your great comments. I am neither for nor against TV. I'm just not very much into it.

And yes, the Big Bang Theory is funny as hell!

hi Agnes, thanks for coming by ...about the SS post Amy something, maybe u didnt paste the video thingy properly?

Hi Agnes, congratulations on your new cable connection. I recommend you to watch more on Travel channels as well as Lifestyle networks. They're absolutely great. Good thing your pipes are fixed, mine here is so leaked but I have no time of fixing it. Anyway I have fun reading your post.

Watching 24 I can understand.
Jack Bauer thanks you for watching "24"(lead character is Jack Bauer).
It is good to be on Jack's good side.
You do not want to be on the bad side of Jack Bauer.

oh yes i have been in a swimming pool while it was raining - and it was awesome. Hae even tried swimming in cold weather - agin was great but not better than the rain...
even i am not a tv addict- in fact hardly watch any shows regularly - my hubby is crazy about '24' series as well and we have a collection of all the seasons...but it's fun watching tv in bed and drifting off to sleep...enjoy the new cable tv era!

btw am i glad to finally be able to read your blog...for some time back your blog was not accessible...

Hi Agnes,

I love your and Geoff's lifestyle, where, till date there was no need for a big flat screen TV and then suddenly, now you too are on your way to become couch potato. You both are incredible. Lovely couple. God Bless both of you.

--> Hi Lucky -- fancy hearing from you :-) let's go have coffee!

I can loan you a couple of seasons of '24' if you're interested...

--> Lucky -- or are you going to Tampa for the Super Bowl?

There's just no rehab for curing TV addiction, is there? :D

LOL I loved ur post!!!!!!!!!!
esp the part "My goodness, people, TV is so addictive! Last night our guest, our new cat, Jamie, Geoff and I were watching teeny bopper movies till we passed out! Pathetic, I know. We're hooked, nothing we can do about it, the damage is done and we're way past the point of no return."
I cd just imagine the scene & was grinning to myself.

I love TV but till recently our relationship was like tht of star crossed lovers....reaching for eachother but never quite together.
I hardly ever got to watch it past 10 yrs....
u see, till some back my inlaws used to be in front of it always...now tht they've gone back to India, my kids have taken over. No they dont get to watch it always but if I switch it on they plead with me to watch their channel & so I dont switch it on when they are there, then lets not forget the better half who has reserved his time from 7-11pm.
Now tht I've stopped working, for the 1st time I'm enjoying TV without any interruptions. I love soaps, mindless Indian sagas where the families live in mansions, where woman wear heavy jewellery & expensive saris even while cooking in the kitchen & are always conspiring against our sweet beautiful heroine.
And whts more even if I miss 3 episodes the 4th episode makes perfect sense...its not like I missed anything in between...at the most they[I mean the conspirators] wd have moved from the kitchen to the living room.
My goodness I shd do a post on this instead of hogging space in ur comments section:-P

as a complete blog dork myself, i find the Songy's advice really helpful. thanks for the link, Agnes. :)

Cool. Nobody got on my case about my love for TV!

Happy Birthday Geoff, although I don't know the date! My Birthday is tomorrow!

Now, Geoff... remember...it is better to give than to receive, so what are you giving me for MY Birthday?


I know what you mean about missing a lot of jokes due to lack of context. I keep up with events through the web (I read for about an hour every morning) but it's more difficult to keep up with popular culture that way. I tend to spend my downtime playing games rather than watching television - so it's equally a waste of time, just a different type of wasting. :)

I do have regular chances to sit in hot water in the rain - our bathtub is outdoors on the balcony:

We didn't have a television when I was growing up so I guess that's why I'm not too bothered. I've noticed that if we are at someone's house where the television is on, my boyfriend will sit entranced and watch all evening, clearly he reacts to the siren's call. :)

OMG! i love your picture! beautiful agnes. :)

Oh dear.. thank you so much for the nice mention, A! *Blush*.
This is really my first day at blog reading in a very long long time. After this I should get back to work really. :)

You went to the dark side! We do have a huge LCD panel but no TV connection. Watching a set of DVD in four days is exactly what we do all the time. Not gross at ALL if you ask me. Now you will manage that TV watching time won't you? :P

It's good to know that you were able to fix the leaking pipe problem.

Hi Agnes! buy something that is of interest to Geoff. Say a running shoes...advance happy birthday to him :)

wow good for you girl! TV is so addicting really. Can't get away with it (you can ask Mikoy about it =)

do something unique for him (that is if you are artistic/resourceful) why not make a scrapbook for your man. collate all the pictures you have together,cut out words, pictures from magazines...or do a personalized big card for him...something that you dont often do...im sure he will be so surprised that you exerted so much effort for his special day.

have a nice day! tke care.

Re: scrapbooks, have you looked at blurb.com? I've managed to sort out three presents now by giving small booklets of photographs and words and am looking to make a collection of recipes for my mother next.


I suggest a Sammy for Geoff's birthday.


Sorry for being late :(

Hey no TV??? I'm not surprised! Cz i'm like you too :D Call me old fashioned, but I find it's a lot easier not to get hooked to TV. I mean, think of loads of other stuff I can do than being glued on a couch like a potato and watch how I gain weight :D Yes it's so annoying, I gain weight so very easily, so I have to be on my toes most of the times, making sure I have enough walk, less food, blah blah :(

Coming back to TV, i remember you telling us once you didn't even have a Facebook account. You called yourself old fashioned back then also; i found that very cute :)

I'll look into that link about blogs you gave us. I am so much a blog addict!

Have fun babes!!

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