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The store looks lovely, and so does the one u have picked up. I so want one now :)
Like any other woman, I have quite a few and the favorite one is infact not a branded one.
i like it so much that i end up carrying it atleast 9 out of 10 times, I have been warned not to buy more :)

That bag is gorgeous Agnes! I do not think I have ever bought a brand name purse. I prefer hand made things that have more personality like your purse does.

BF told me once he sat next to a 50+ retired dentist who had young girls set up in both Thailand and Vietnam. He went on and on about he couldn't find true love. hello.... what does he think. anyone, i still like visiting though... just not seeing leecherous old men.

forgot to add, beautiful bags.

Thanks Agnes;
I hadn't remembered the stark contrast between your bittersweet post's juxtaposition of aesthetics and morality. I guess one can't ignore either without being guilty of pretending. In the end, our support, encouragement and appreciation of beauty and ethical products (the "better angels of our nature") will overwhelm the demons of the dark side. This is way too serious. I just wanted you to know I appreciate your post and I love you.

Must say, that bag looks really smart!

I haven;t been to Thailand but if ever I drop in there I catch this one.
Thanks for sharing..happy blogging!

Hi there, Agnes.

I love your post. My boyfriend and have been planning a trip to Bangkok and your post gave me such a wonderful view of the place. I'd surely visit Yukiko's shop when I go there.


Hi there!

Hope you were able to visit CHATUKCHAK weekend market in Bangkok. Million and one goods over there =). And while in Asia, how about a sidetrip to Manila?



You sure had a great time in Bangkok Agnes. Just disregard the red lights and focus more on the brighter side of Thailand. Those bags look good on you too. Enjoy the Kingdom.

hi..thanks Agnes, I love your blog...something different and unique.. is it your own domain? anyway, enjoy your travelling..over here in Malaysia, you can also get cheap stuff..

Your purse is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for unique handmade items. They make a much more beautiful statement than having something just for the name, don't you think? That's great that you are supporting handmade!
P.s. I like your new typepad blog!

Thanks, everyone. I'm really glad you like Yukiko's stuff.

Oh lovely bags!!!!! Thank you for the tip.

Finally, here you are! Between my bad connexions and the site being down, I had trouble to find you in this huge online world.

I must confess I´m a bag lady. I have three pairs of shoes but... er... way too many handbags. And Bloom´s look lovely, much more original than a LV, fake or not.

I remember Silom where I saw lots of quality products with oriental feel. That's what one should really seek when in Thailand not fake xyz
Oh well done on migrating your blog. Things go down and break unavoidable with IT stuff I'm afraid. I hope you can recover all your posts (I'm sure there's a backup function).

Yes, I'm out of action because I don't have the Internet connection at home at. I'm writing this at work which I shouldn't do but reading a post or two ain't going to get me into trouble. :)

I might post something quick today as I did take some photos of fireworks on Monday. :) I hope all is well with you and Geoff. In a strange way I missed you both.

hi Agnes, thanks! from now on,i'll be following your blog as well. nice posts you've got in here.:)

Hi there Agnes! Nice of you to drop by our blog. Fabulous bags, i love it! Bangkok is really a nice place, my family's been there too last year and we really enjoyed shopping esp my mom 'cause its so cheap! =)

hope you could also visit Manila! we'll be glad to be your tourist guide *wink

Good morning Agnes. In looking over your blog I had some realizations about things and I saw that I have certain items ; it could be a shirt, a wallet , a watch or whatever and these certain items each and every one has a story behind it which makes it special... I have certain items, which are just "items" but I have those certain things which mean so much more as they hold special memories.. You could say each item tells a story and some stories are better than others. I can see your purse has a great story and I bet Yukiko's purses (each one) has a unique and great story too. It is almost as if Yukiko and her purses pick the owners of her purses

wow. u got lots of goodies there.

my friends were concern of my safety when i was in bangkok so i didn't get to see many places.

I adore you! My favorite things in life are just as you subscribe (simplicity) moments that are not tangible, and finding treasures with meaning because of the feeling or memory it brings you..

Just wonderful!

Must say, it was an expert talk on hand bags. And of course on the details of everything you saw, Agnes. WOW!

Lovely bags. And you look great with one too.


Lovely bag and lovely you!!! :))))

Hi Agnes

Sorry for being late... I haven't updated my blogroll so I didn't know you had posted something.

I've never been to Bangkok, but girl you make it sound sooooo good. Whenever I get a chance I'll go there, and miss you :)

Nice handbags... I too want the ones that are different and unique :)

All the best honey :)

take care.

Hi Agnes, thanks!I hope to see more of your posts.

having funn

My Fav has never been any branded one.. there is something about the roadside thrift shops.. When I college I used to routinely check them out for something new.. something unique.. nowadays dont have time for that.. and yet.. I love a lot of color in the bag.. the 'Bloom' seems ideally made for me!

Ah can she open an outlet in India ??

I'd been to Bangkok years ago & what I remember most vividly is how I hated the fishy odor of most of the food stalls / courts / restaurants (McDonalds rescued me big time!!!) and the tremendous amount of shopping we did!!! And oh yes, the "middle-aged, fat, Western men surrounded by half a dozen beautiful teenaged Thai girls" ..... sex is so in-your-face over there ..... that was the strongest jolt of culture shock for me, I think.

Oh thank you for that wonderful post. There is some time that I really want to visit Bangkok and next summer I'm taking the trip :) I definitely bookmark your post just not to forget the places you've talked about.

Hi...wow..I was there in Bangkok a few months ago and know all this! I just googled and found your page! I love Thailand. I was in Pattaya too. Love it Love it! pls contact me. I am a guy.

makeup was absurdly simple previously, however now it is close to impossible

Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I'm trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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