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Just incredible...I think I will move to Japan

I have only passed through the airport so I don't know much about Tokyo. I'm not a sushi eater. The soup might be good though.

Domo Arrigato!

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

Sushi and sashimi please for me, not just breakfast, lunch and dinner too - I love it !!

Sounds as if you found a perfect place from breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have only been in Japan once, for three weeks, and that was years ago. But I have good memories. It is a beautiful country. Enjoy your travels, Agnes.

Thanks for the views Agnes. Your comments really makes the area come Alive! In fact, I cannot wait to go to Japan! Your enthusiasm jumps off the page. Keep the pictures and comments coming. Makes my day.

@Lucky: I'm buying you some Japanese cigarettes mañana (and pencils for Ernie).

thank you Agnes...and don't forget the pencil sharpener for Ernie, he uses them
up pretty fast

Sounds like fun! I have a brother living in Osaka now for 15 years. Have yet to visit him. Ive traveled a ton, mostly western and eastern Europe (my inlaws have barely survived the western attacks in Lugansk and Donetsk, Ukraine), but really I need to visit my brother! Los Angeles has some awesome, I mean awesome sushi places... you pay through the ying yang here though (did I just say that). It will be interesting to try sushi in Japan and compare everything, including prices!

Have fun out there!

A fascinating culture - hope to visit there one day!! :)

I love traveling with you! :)

I've heard a lot about Japan from a couple of friends who have lived there for years. You are adding to it....I can't wait to visit! Is it vegetarian friendly though, in terms of food? I can get by fine but I worry about the kids.

@Shachi: I do eat sea food, so I guess I'm not a true vegetarian. There's of course a lot of rice & noodles with mushrooms & other veggies plus a lot of soy/tofu options… hope that helps?

You bring alive a wonderful city; I'm a big fan of Japanese haiku. Love to go there one day....

The year I spent in Okinawa is lasting me a lifetime. How they could take one cherry blossom branch and make it a flower arrangement. The more simple it is the more beautiful it is. I agree about their culture and personalities. Sometimes you look at the people and think how fragile they look, but then I think about how advanced their computer technology is and their cars and their military and realize they are capable people.

@Judy: So true. Hope to to go back mid sakura season next time… think they bloom in April.

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