Your sensibility is really cool. I like your feeling for texture

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

I love my neutrals as well - my 'wear forever' outfit would be a navy t-shirt and jeans :)

Great post Agnes.

And I have to say ---that your comment – "White + wood is just like the house version of the white T-shirt with jeans" is classic Agnes. So true!

I love the pictures of you and I know the brick walls are going to look fabulous (they already do).

Cannot wait for the "house warming" event (digital and otherwise).

I don't think there is an art form that you cannot express.

"house version of the white t-shirt with jeans…" - interesting concept (new to me) - house decor inspired by clothing. I'm not sure what type of run down shack my clothes would inspire. Maybe something like a dirty old boxcar.

Yep, I'd go for an all white walls, too. And one day I am going to own a "Mark Twain-like" white suit!

I absolutely adore your sense of style. I am sure that your home is influenced by the same exquisite taste! I'm sure it will look lovely!

I love the look of white with jeans. All of our walls are painted white and we have wood floors. I love it because it serves as a simple backdrop to whatever eclectic stuff I want to spread about my house. Love watching your do-over!

I love the perspective - especially as I love white walls too - this love is handed down by my parents. I also loved the comments....

I am looking forward to seeing what it all turns out like!

You're fantastic both sides of the camera Agnes x

White is one of my most favourite colours - both in Summer and Winter. Smokey looks tired and sleepy.... What has he been up to?

I love white too. White dresses, white t-shirts and white walls. I guess we'll both be painting then as I plan to paint my son's play-room tomorrow. Not white though, a beige-y colour to hide grubby finger prints :)

My comment disappeared as I was positing...so am typing again..hope it isn't a duplication. Since you like white & texture and if you like slipcovers (as do I) you might like this: Purchase paint drop cloths, wash in HOT water, add Downey, and dry on HOT. DO THIS 3 TIMES. The fabric is so supple with a texture that is it's own. Works great! I'm going to have that done very soon, but the dilemma is whether or not to 'cord'...probably will not since a cleaners shrunk the cording on the one being replaced. After they're sown and in use you can wash them at will. :) re-design a space is sooo much fun!

@Tillie: Love love love white slipcovers -- the kind that is tailored to the couch. Your hot water & downy & dry on hot x3 is a great idea, I must try it!

Yes....tailored...the only way...let me know if you like it after process.

@Tillie: Will do :-)

Personally would prefer white jeans with a contrasting-color top. The leather jacket does it. But who am I know anything about what women should wear? :-)

More concerning is Smokey. We had a gorgeous Siamese way back who ruined a couch, scratching so fast and fiercely, that more damage had been done each time we saw him - too late - and brushed him off.

Love the pics of you and Smokey! Hope you are enjoying decorating. Can't wait to see the results :)

I love colour but I fear it and always end up painting my walls white - provides a great canvas.

My home has also white walls with wooden floors. And I love to have lots of plants in the house. They suffer a lot while we travel, but luckily my husband buys me new ones all the time. I would love to paint some of my walls in another color but I haven't decided yet what color. :)

Ver pretty, Agnes!

I am a huge fan of the coolness and crispness of white.

I don't know if u noticed Agnes, in Dubai most of the villas and apartments are painted white. It's mainly to ward off the heat ofcourse but I just love it like that. My own walls are white[kind of] but when u have kids it's not a very good idea;-P

I like white shirt with blue jeans.
And yes, white is favorite too.

I have always been in love with the whites and pales and ivories... something so soft, elegant and nurturing about it. love your style A xxoo ~ Jen

Ah, I love whites too! And I love what you have said about it too, white gives peace all around. You look gorgeous as ever, Agnes. :)

beautiful whites!

Miss hearing from you Agnes! Hope you enjoyed the holidays :-)

Really amazing post! thanks for sharing. will back again.

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