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How exciting-to destinations known and unknown. And the best travel companions ever! Oh, and did I say, you look great. Style 24/7.

You get questions from your readers! Like where??? Sounds very exciting and mysterious. Have fun!

London at Xmas is fun but NO public transport runs on Christmas Day. If you stay in Golders Green everything is open on Dec 25 as it is predominantly a Jewish/Cosmopolitan area and fabulous for eating !!

@Barbara: London first. It wasn't part of the plan but computers and travel agents aren't perfect...

Have a lovely time in London, Agnes:)

fly, bird!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

><}}(°> ~

Safe travels to the trio.

Wishing you good weather - that seems to be the most common problem with winter travel.

Bon voyage! Did you take your snow boots, just in case?

@Ian: No! London is a completely unintentional destination!

Wow...have fun! I JUST arrived in Paris so just missed you. Keep us posted :)

Well, if your clothes don't suit the weather, you have a perfectly good excuse to go shopping in London's classy stores.:-)

What a lovely thing to do. Enjoy and travel safely! :)

Sounds very exciting. Be safe and enjoy!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful trip! :-)

London must be magical at Christmas.... Have a great time, Agnes.

..one way ticket to the blues..ERUPTION...


Hopefully we get photos of your adventure? Have a wonderful trip Agnes!

Let's examine the evidence.

You took a road trip with Ernie. Shortly after you returned, you posted your picture where you're flashing your world-class smile. You captioned it, "Love, Actually."

You posted again with a caption containing the words, "Late Love's Recently Chanced Upon Travel Plans." The posting is about your travel to London with Ernie and Lucky.

Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes. But I know that anything that results in your flashing your world-class smile and twice writing the word "love" is something good.

I'm happy for you, Agnes.

@Rider: You're back! Love, Actually is one of my favorite christmas movies and all the christmas shopping around me reminded me of it, plus the fact that I was photographing an intimate wedding that night... so yes, just a title really. By my late love's travel plans I was referring to Geoff's -- him and I wanted to come to the Sahara together. Didn't mean to be mysterious :-) Anyway, how have you been?

Hope you had a blast - it's my second home :)

Mystery becomes you, Agnes.

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