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It is not surprising that you enjoy the morning. If there was a time of day that I would equate Agnes, it would be the morning. The birth of a new day, new adventure, expectations and surprises. The potential---that's the name of the game---maximizing potential---for fun. Your blog always gives me so much of what the morning represents. Thanks.

I think I'm more of an early afternoon person. I love my lunch hour. I usually take a long walk. It's a great time during my day to just breathe (and read blogs lol).

I love mornings as well. It's a clean, new day! Peaceful and I enjoy sitting at my breakfast table looking out at the birds and yard activity!

The perfect morning would always be, "Beach... Friends... Coffee", except the need for coffee before I can ever get to the beach just messes with the equation. And I gave up "car shaving" years ago :-)

I'm very much a morning person as well....or I should say "was" :)? with a toddler waking me up couple times at night, I like to sleep in sometimes :)

I wasn't a morning person until I started writing. Now, they're my favourite times. If you're ever in Ottawa, drop me a line and we'll go for coffee. :)

I am a morning person ALL the way... even though my body would protest such generalizations. Since I started freelancing and traveling and writing "the book" I have consistently woken up between 3am and 4am. I usually have to placate the groans of my knees and shoulders with the use of some Advil and icepacks, but it's always worth the effort. I do my best and most enjoyable writing when the house is quiet and before the sun breaks the tree-line.

I have never been a morning person but I envy people that are early birds! It's funny because even though I'm a night owl, all three of my kids are early birds like my husband. I've had to adjust my schedule to fit theirs, but left to my own devices I would much rather night.

I'm not much of a morning person. I tend to be a bit grouchy in the mornings. Mmm ... Panera. I love their lemonade and bagels :)

Spud----your writing is important and so are your knees and your health....I have heard lots of great results avoiding such pain by getting a better diet...basically NO sugar or bread...is a great start and can make a difference in 6 days.

I always think is it possible to follow Sun discipline?
very early morning wake up and sleep by evening :-))

Me, a morning person as well, when the silences are the only voices that speak... pure bliss!

I am so not a morning person, and now, my days begin after 9 am... any time you need somebody awake at 3am , send me a mail. ;) I like the reflective pose in the picture. Have a great weekend.

Yeah, mornings are so wonderful especially when my kids are still asleep :).

Mornings are my favorite time of the day, too, and don't last nearly long enough!

I love that photo. You look stunning. Now if that was me, I wouldn't let a camera within a mile before 10am and at least 2 huge mugs of coffee. Not a chance. I am a slow starter, and rarely have a chance to apply makeup before the school run.

I too LOVE mornings:)!! Beautiful picture!! xoxoxo

I love mornings. Especially breakfast! A long shower sounds decadent, and makeup... whatever! You look fabulous without it anyhow! xx

Mornings are also my favourite part of the day. I usually get up at 7:00, have a shower, have breakfast - green tea and toast, egg and bacon on Saturdays - then I go to gym and now....right after gym I must go to physiotherapy sessions for that nasty neck strain of mine. Then I have to rush to work!! I usually enjoy a cup of italian espresso and a cigarette before getting down to lesson planning and marking. Have a great week ahead! :-)

Agnes with make up? Hard to believe! You are so naturally beautiful already!

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