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You got the right stuff on in the pictures. How do you do it? The only thing I can think of is you have a huge mirror?

Are those "Dreamcatcher" earrings you're wearing? They are so lovely! My daughter lives in Oklahoma and "Dreamcatcher" is such a subject. I had never heard of them until she moved to Oklahoma. Lovely story of how to catch your dreams. I envy your hat too! Reminds me of Argentina or Australia. Dance the night away at your dinner. Hey, and you be careful out there!

Somebody looks ubber cute!! ^_^

You look totally cool :) BTW I didn't mean that thin always means anorexic. I know that people lose weight for many other reasons. What I am dead against though is when people starve themselves for the wrong reasons. I mean, sometimes all it takes is a box of anitbiotics to make your appetite go away (it happened to me a few months back) but things like that are normal. With some people though, it's an obsession. Anyway, happy weekend :)

@Loree: Thanks for telling me :-) It took me 9 months to gain 10-12 pounds, (I am 110 pounds today). I don't think I need to gain more weight? BTW, I am far from anorexic, I eat like a pig!

As always, you look gorgeous! Our Labour Day is on May 1st. Have a great weekend ahead. Filakia xxxx

You look beautiful Agnes. I love the feather. I really admire your sense of style.

Hi Agnes
It's not Labour day here but.. it is now Spring
and it's a Saturday morning.
The sun is shining and I'm about to go to the market
and get some of my favourite fruit fruit and veg.
+ some good strong coffee!

As always I love your photo's
You're a gorgeous model
and a very talented photographer.

You have a good weekend !

You would fit right in in a Texas honky tonk. Love your boots! Hope you had fun and have a great weekend!

Oh you're a stand out anyway, who needs rhinestones or gingham when you can rock that pretty ensemble, love Posie

hmmmm.....have a great weekend you too.....Agnes....

We are expiriencing Eid festival....so...Eid Mubarik too...

Happy Labour Day ! I hope you find some relaxing moments over the weekend! xox

Love the earrings! Hope you had a good time with the honky-tonk! I'm spending a chunk of my Labour Day weekend getting ready to head back to school - exciting :) Enjoy the weekend!

Your blog is looking wonderful, as always, Agnes.

Best wishes from England.

fabulous cowboy chic:) Ah you need to watch Urban Cowboy to even get in more of the mood:) Have fun at your party and wonderful Labor day weekend as well:)

Hope you had a great time at the Dinner. You look grea by the way. Enjoy your Labour Day. Relax and enjoy!

Hope you had a great time Agnes, that hat is awesome :)


nice pictures friend.. how do you manage taking such good photos! very nice
wish you a happy labour day too, here it is a different day.

Agnes you should shoot composites for wanna be models. You do know how to stage a picture.

Beauty at its best! Can i borrow that cowboy hat of yours :P

Have a great week ahead, Agnes :)

Love the outfit, A, especially that hat and the casual hairdo.
I love hats.
Hope your holiday weekend was fun.
Is that you in the photos. Pretty!

I like a desperado, zorro, etc.. movie and many of your image could remind me about those movies :-)

Love ur sense of style.....u look gorgeous:-))!!!!!

Nah. You've got it exactly right! xx

Website truly interesting. Congratulations!

we also like the same music :D
You got back on the horse. No easy feat.
I'm in awe...really

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