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Wow, that's a great intuition to begin a day with. Hope Wednesday did bring you something good :).

That's great - love the attitude. Kinda makes me feel the same way. Thanks! Pretty pic too

amen to that.. keep writing girl..

So was it a plain, ordinary Wednesday, Agnes?

@Soul: The fat lady hasn't sung yet :-)

Wednesday's almost over in my part of the globe. Did something wonderful happen? BTW, I just finished a book called "Something Wonderful" so I'm in all my optimistic moods today :) Nice photo.

As long as there was coffee... any good day that ends in Y.

@BillFriday: All good days end in a Y, all good games end in a tie :-)

Good, may be you will win a free t shirt form coca cola.

Ah, I got it! What's coming your way is you're moving forward, not getting hit so much from behind, the past! lol Hope you had a great Wednesday!

Well I really hope your intuition was correct. Sending positive vibes, wishes and prayers your way.

ohh i hope so! i had the opposite thought today! i hope everything goes as planed!

first time on your blog its great! pls check out mine if you get a chance


Lovely blog you have here...been sifting through some old pieces especially your travelogues. Do hope you are healing and mending. Take care. And I do hope the remaining part of this year brings joy and peace back in your life.

A song for Agnes today... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj6wERNbHlM

beautiful photo!!!! ah your hair! perfection and YES Good things are coming!!!!!!!

You've got a great blog.

I trust it was a wonder-full Wednesday. :)

Looks like someone was following you. Can't figure out how you got the shot?

All good days end in a y! Love it. Will use it . . but credit it to you, Agnes. Delighted to see you in good spirits.

Dreams are important. Best Wishes!!!

I hope you were right! And I hope Thursday offers something wonderful for you as well! Glad to see you back so often.

Ahhh. Optimism.

Today is Thursday. I hope you had a great Wednesday, whatever events took place!

I hope that gut feeling comes true, bring much love, much goodness, much happiness and all that you ever hoped for.

Hello lovely stranger! So, was it a good day? xx

i second that motion! something good for miss agnes POST HASTE!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
or possibly SEVERAL somethings... not to be greedy but it never hurts to ask, right?! :) :) :)

(ps: if you're ever in nyc again with nothing to do... gimme a shout, lady!)

Such a mysterious happy post :) You're the beautiful one Agnes. Hope this weekend brings something good too xx

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