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OMG, are you serious????? I think you need to get the word tattooed on your body haha. What a special place for your family. This post gave me goosebumps!

You could always go to Odessa, Texas first, see what adventure that holds! I know, not quite the same. But I bet someone from Odessa named that town in Texas! LOL

I wonder if Ukraine is anything like Armenia? My nephew was in the Peace Corp there for 27 months. The pictures he took are beautiful. Though there were restricted areas he couldn't visit. Still, it was an interesting place.

I think it's meant to be! You should totally go. I bet Geoff would love to as well! You two could have a second honeymoon.

I love how the Ukraine is a thread running through your life - you need to go for sure!

I want to go too!!! I have friends that live there! You should go too! :)

That is such an interesting story! Really, your family has an amazing Ukraine connection. I really find these kind of coincidences so fascinating. You must go to Ukraine, Agnes.

Wow! I have a friend who is Ukranian - we used to sit in the same room in my previous workplace for about 4 years. Would love to go there too....

Ukraine is nothing like Armenia :) But of course, everyone has his own associations.
There's something misterious about East Europe I love. If you can, you really should go there some day :)

What a wonderful real-life story. Odesaa - the name makes me want to go there too. Funny how I always fall in love with the name of a place and then want visit. I've never met anyone from Ukraine. You're kind of made in Ukraine :) I was made in Canada but have never been there either. Funny how things happen in life.

Really ??? Sounds like a fairy tale story - the way ur mom and dad met... :) :)

I am not going to Odessa, Agnes but I will be in Hungary in December !!

I seriously think you should.

Wow. You definitely have to go--it's in your blood--from a previous life perhaps? And Geoff too. It's obviously a country for lovers.

A fairy tale of a story as UMAS mentioned..
Pretty unbelievable story about Geoffs parents too!!

The universe is trying to tell you something.

i think it used to be called "THE ukraine" didn't it??! at least in america...by the same folks who thought it was "PEKING" and so forth, probably... given your family's history of making "love connections" in odessa, i'm pretty sure you are FORBIDDEN to go without geoff! (but be careful he doesn't take you to sevastopol* and just TELL YOU it's odessa!!!) :)

*yes, you are right...i had to get out the atlas to find the name of a city near odessa that was not odessa... (but the joke was TOTALLY WORTH IT!) ♥

What a neat story. Sounds like it would be a really wonderful trip for you and Geoff!

I've only been to Odessa once and that was 8 years ago. Odessa and Prague are the most romantic cities I've ever visited. You and Geoff should definitely plan a visit there. You'll love the place - especially the sea port and the botanical gardens!

The Ukraine is really the crossroads of The Universe and your lucky stars had to be shining very bright to have any sort of connection to this country.

That's a lot of coincidence! Life is funny. Little things like that make me love life...

Loved the post Agnes....so many possibilities!!!!

And u look lovely!!!!

Agnes, everything about the bit that Geoff's parents being dropped off being dropped in Liverpool and having them think it was New York, is so funny. The look on their faces when they discovered it, would have been priceless.

Ukraine, huh? I have not heard the name of that place mentioned so many times in one place ever! :D

My wife is from Ukraine. I have been there countless times. I do not know why Im attracted to it all. I think love is sometimes indescribable. The Black Sea.... is calm, quiet, yet beautiful like a California coastline. So much history, so many of the great fairy tales came out of Eastern Europe too. The onion domed cathedrals... its all so ethereal. Glad we bumped into each other. I have a feeling I will make some espresso and read your blog late into the night!

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