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There are some mansions in Delray Beach. I stayed in one of them. Owned by a Connecticut businessman who used it as guest house for his friends. I stayed there when I did the TV show in West Palm Beach. Felt odd sitting in a huge living room surrounded by original masterpieces and lots of copies. I wish I could remember the address. He is gone now but I do remember he owned a huge printing plant either in Delray Beach of West Palm Beach.

But twenty-one years ago I was doing all sorts of things that I am no longer able to do. I hope all people have a life like that. I never rode motorcycles and never owned one but I rode my thumb to West Palm Beach, California. Those were the days when you could do things like that and not feel threatened.

I like your tale of getting out like a bike rider. I got a tattoo in Oakland in 1955 but it is mostly black, smudged lines now. I watch LA Ink now and then, and wonder if Kat von D is going to be super ugly in a few more years with her face and neck and other parts filled with smudged ink lines. You would think they would know that but when you are young even a Harley looks nice.

Just do it - there is nothing like riding a bike.

Your outift is faaaabulous! I'll join you on the road.

badass boots

Sounds like a blast! One of these days perhaps after school I can take part in one of those carefree trips.The weather looks great where you are. God knows I love the beach but just a little further south, like the Caribbean.

Follow your dreams... maybe once Geoff gets well... both of you can buy a Harley and hit the road ! :-)

I have the tattoo, but you could never bribe me to get on a motorcycle again. I tried it once and it scared the living daylights out of me.

I've rode motorcycles before. They are great for cooling off in HOT weather. It does scare me a little, but it is exciting. I do shudder when I see people without helmets. You would look great on a Harley with that fabulous outfit!

I went four-wheelin' recently on some trails...almost as fun as a dirt bike! :) Big fan of the boots!

All it takes to ride is a free spirit and the open road, Agnes. It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on.*

This video is composed of clips from "Easy Rider" displayed to Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild":


*Thanks to Hunter Thompson for this thought.

We passed a few Harley riders on our weekend road trip...or should I say they passed us! They looked like they were having an absolute blast.

sometimes I think about getting a tattoo...then i realize what a chicken I am and I could never pull through the pain :-D lol....

I love bikes, especially Harleys but have never rode one. My dream is to ride across America on a Harley. It would be so much fun. Just the wide open road and the noise of the bike. Boots are obligatory, of course; tattoos are optional ;)

"but I am pretty sure there's a tough old biker trapped inside me" .....spill it out, nice thoughts Agnes

Great belt, was it? I have only sat as a pillion rider on a motorcycle. And, that is so good!

Hey there are always rub on tatts, henna...try it...

I am loving ur pic...that hip belt is damn good, Agnes.

nice pics dear...
may be a hidden lady zorro also is resting inside you...


This sure sounds a lot of fun!!
May be i could join in too :)

face of a botticelli angel...soul of a hell's angel?!
niiiiiiiiiiiiiice combo, missus!
when do we ♥RIDE♥??!?!??!?!?

Tattoos - good but for others not for I And Harley or BMW bike - Wow And yes, dirt is good.

Closest I've gotten to riding a motorcycle is riding a moped on a road along the edge of a steep cliff on Rosario Island, off the coast of Seattle. That was enough for me. First time I had a drink before eight in the morning. It looks like fun, but what about the bugs--in your eyes, your mouth? Yuk. I'd really need a very fancy rig. And that's a pretty fancy rig you have around your waist no matter how you get where you're going.

I love fall - the crispness in the air and the colours here are magnificient! Love the boots :)

I've sat and daydreamed of getting a motor bike here and riding through the whole of southeast asia, the people, the views, the countryside! - I'm not sure if I could handle a Harley though! and get another tattoo? - yes please :-)

Lovely photo :) I thought about doing a road trip across America a couple of years before I met my other half - bought all the maps and everything...

Love the bottom photo - and I can believe you have the spirit of a Harley rider in you.

I want to get on one of those mean machines too.

Loved the pictures and love your attitude to life, you are young and raring to go, and I would say go for it..

I love the outfit, really suits her. Change of weather is not a problem to have fun and enjoy life.

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