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Love your bag. Your boot are not too crazy looking. They are quite origianl and as long as you like the, Who cares?

"...this boots were made for walking..."
wow! i think you`re great with these boots, but i really won´t use them, only cause i have no body structure for this kind of shoes.

well, have a nice weekend, pretty Agnes!

I like the bag and the boots and the fact that it's Friday too. While I'd like to kick back and watch Tom Selleck tonight, we have an affair to go to. No relaxing till tomorrow. Have a nice weekend.


I thought I had lost your link (URL) and only today did I realize it was here all the time. I like your blog for a lot of different reasons – none of which would most people understand. It reminds me of a time when I used to stick out my thumb and go from Ohio to California with lots of different people. I couldn't do that today and wouldn't recommend it but it did introduce me to a lot of people I would never have met had I not stuck out my thumb. Anyway, I like your posts and read them through.

I also admire your photography (sometimes more than others) and the white backgrounds. As for your footwear, you should have seen the "Squaw Boots" I used to wear when I was in Arizona. They had white elk skin soles and the rest was natural deer skin. The soles were thick like shoe leather. The sides soft as silk. And each one had a flap that came around your ankle and silver buttons that buttoned in that flap.

I typed in Moccasin several times, over the years, hoping to find them online but never did. They were actually made by Indians and not those who live in China.

Enjoy every minute of your weekend - they are soooooo short !

Love your bag!
Have a good weekend too :)

Have a gorgeous weekend with your gorgeous boots and bag! I for one loved the blue nail polish!!!

I always love your choice of footwear and esp. these boots....I heart them and I want them....I love chuncky boots...hehehe....

I love your fashion sense. You have a good taste.
Enjoy the weekend !

Actually, those boots are giving me ideas... like combine them with a narrow jeans skirt, the cute little brown bag like the one that I got from Dhaka recently and a brown summer top- complete with big bangles, earrings and big sunglasses... I think they'd do pretty well, don't you?

In short, I like them. Haha.

Have a great weekend, Agnes :)

Friday...finally! My thoughts exactly!

I just love your blog, Agnes. Your photos are beautiful and you have this total sense of peace about you. I love it! Have a lovely weekend, friend.

Gorgeous outfit - love it all! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Love the bag and the boots... Have a great weekend!

I loved them too!!! Have a lovely Sunday, Agnes :)

Agnes: hydrogen peroxide will take off nail polish

lol another great Geoff photo...

Love the bag!!! Was looking at one similar by Fossil...sooo cute! Hope your weekend is going fabulous! Aubrey

I love your boots Agnes. Before long I hope I can trip around with you; just need a bit more strength. Soon babe.
Even thinking about it gets me excited. The boots look like something Elton John wore in "Tommy" so surely there'll be a mens' version soon.

I love your boots!! They are very original and look very comfortable to walk in. In fact, I'm crazy about boots. Can't wait for some cooler weather so that I can put on mine! Hope you are having a well-deserved, relaxing weekend. Filakia xxxxx

I love it, I would have never thought to carry soap in my bag to make it smell nice - it's such a great idea :-) Cute boots to kick off and throw your feet up to enjoy a well deserved weekend

I dig the boots for sure! Gotta a love a guy who insists you buy another purse, right? !

ok, even as NON-FASHIONY as *I* am... i ♥LOVE♥ those boots! they look like a pair of engineer biker boots trying on a pair of those awesomely ubiquitous candie's sandals from the 70's!!! (ok, that compliment sounded A LOT more like A GOOD THING when it was ~INSIDE~ my head! sorry! hope i haven't totally put you OFF the divine boots now!) :)

ps: blue nail polish second only to black in the great pantheon of polishes!!! (of course *GLITTER* polish trumps EVERYTHING!!!) ♥

I noticed the blue nail paint in the "This Bench" post! How observant of me, huh? :D
I know, the hide smell can be quite a put off actually. I had a handbag like that once. The smell got to me after a while and I got rid of it.

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