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How about highlighting the inner you? I'd trade places to be 30 something.. I loved my 30's.

You will be globe trotting again someday and you have so many traveling experiences to share. A lot of people say the 30's are the best, but I think any age is what we make of it to a degree. BTW I love this photo.

If you love the world-traveler part of your profile and identity, is there a chance to pursue this lifestyle more? What is holding you back? Just wondering. There seem to be so many ways these days that people manage to do this. Then of course, you may have many chains holding you in place -- just hoping they are gold and glitter a lot ;)

Haha, you SO don't look like you're in your 30's darling!

@Miss Footloose: I like your name, Miss Footloose :-) My husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer almost 2 years ago and that's the reason behind the lifestyle change. I wasn't complaining about not being able to live on the road (though that's where I feel at home) I was simply noticing that my current profile might need a little tweaking.

“Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.”
-Lawrence Block-

I am sure one day you will travel the world again with your husband.

Well at least you posted before it was forty-something!

Well you definitely don't look like you're in your thirties. I've never gotten the whole fashionably late thing. Probably because I'm one of those super annoying people who arrives TOO early! See? There are worse things to be! LOL

I would love to see some of your illustrations! Weren't you thinking about posting some of them?

Agnes, come to India. :D

You could blog about your past trips. It doesn't matter, we all love to hear what you've been up to in the past. I do that sometimes on my blog, talk about places I have been to, I mean. Sometimes it takes time to realise the profound effect a city or a country may have left on us. Not that I have been anywhere too exotic but I always enjoy my travels.

P.S. Sounds like I'm rambling this morning ;)

30something sounds divine, oh to be that again !!!!

I would have guessed a 28, if I did not already know you are a 30-something. I am getting there, too- give me two years. No, seriously!

I like your profile and I think your photos and posts often reflect a lot about travelling! :)

We start loving the 30s something, only after we cross it...enjoy all u can. :)

One thing I've been thinking about lately is how our identities do seem to change over our lifetimes, depending on our needs, and also how bad we fight for our 'wants'. Enjoy those thirties (I feel like I wasted mine) but don't worry... the forties and fifties are great!

to quote the great philospher popeye, "i yam what i yam." who you are defies definition, it just is. by the way, i'm looking 40 in the eye and thinking 30-something ain't so bad... it's all relative :)

I like the slip or end of the skirt. It really does remind me of the things my mother used to crochet. It looks like you might have skinned-up your leg a little.

hmm...for me....thirty came and went by like all other events....only I felt more responsible and become carefull...


I think you are a free spirit. And, you are handling the current circumstances in an admirable manner! Life is all about change, and you will do the best with this as well.

I hated my teen years, I spent most of my 20s at Uni buried in books and studying hard for my Master of Arts but then again that's where I met my significant other, I was in love with my thirties, I compromised with my forties despite some insecurities and ...right now I delight in my fifties! And I never felt like hiding my age. I am not 50 something. I am fifty-two. And I enjoy being 52. I think it's important to enjoy the pains and pleasures of every age.

You have that world traveller adventure atitude wherever you are Agnes and you look at life from that viewpoint...at least this is my idea of Agnes . I have heard you call a trip to the grocery store a visit to Malaysia and you pretending you were in some store in Kuala Lampur as you were walking through its aisles, Its all in the viewing and you do have that view of the adventurer and of the traveller.

@Lucky: Not to mention the cafeteria you dubbed "Singapore" or the big box store you named "Thailand".

I love your look here.....of course as usual....and I'm so hot for your cool rockin' boots.

don't worry...that whole "thirty-something" thingie only lasts ten years or so...hehehehe... (she laughed evilly from the next decade) :) :) :)

Once a traveler always a traveler! And you are still more stylish than most people I know ;-)

You always have such great photos on your blog. Just saying :)

Profile re-invention is fun - although I always find it hard to find anything to write about myself unless inspired by somebody else doing so.

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