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So sweet. Thanks for sharing with us.

Agnes, u are the spitting image of your mom...Her profile is u, her mouth is u.. your smile in this photo is priceless.U definitely knew the camera back then. :-)

I smile And I am sad too when I read about mom.
I miss father but time - The healer or life - it is.

many may have told you earlier.....but i'm gonna tell you the same that you look like your mother.......... very much......almost the same.....

Where was this taken? The building reminds me of England. I think your mouth is one feature you inherited from you mom. If her hair was blond, you would so resemble this picture. Oh, that baby is sure a cutie! lol

hmmm....a very cute photo...yes...I agree....our loved ones always keep our heart warm...

A very nice photo indeed...

ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing. You and your mom look beautiful and so much alike :)

By god, I love a photograph. Especially one you can dig into.

What sweet memories. Your mother is beautiful and you were a gorgeous baby too.

This picture meakes me smile because even as a baby you have that "Agnes" look that you bring to your photos.

That's a very sweet picture. I love it.

What a wonderful, wonderful photograph, Agnes. You and your mother look very similar :)

OMG, I love this pic! Your mom was SO chic in it!!! And I swear your face hasn't changed one freaking bit.

I love this picture, how she's smiling at you. And you look just like her - both beautiful! I love old photographs. They keep the past present with us.

Such an adorable pic. And, your mom was so beautiful too. You completely take after her. You look like a cutie pie in this pic. It's a priceless photo for sure!

Your mom looks beautiful. You look just like her, except for the hair color. That really is a warm photo. I just love black n whites.

Like mother, like child !!! Both gorgeous !!

What a lovely image!
You already look cute on that photo ! :)

Gosh, Agnus, you are you in this baby picture. Look at the tiny face and see yourself. Your features are there. Your mom is a beautiful lady as well.

I love your blog. so unique and refreshing. good luck to Geoff on his journey. I am a survivor, cancer free since 2006!!

i def agree that your profile is looking like your mom---mouth and nose and cheekbones.....I wanna post pics of my younger days in my blog too...hehehe

it's a beautiful picture. and you look so much like her.

priceless!! lovely!!

You look so much like your Mom...of course, me too like her hair. :)

You are so beautiful Agnes !!! So cute cuddly baby. :) :)

Sooooooooooo cute. The cutest of the cute...both of you

You are the image of you Mum. What a wonderful photo.

oof! just when it seemed certain a girl could not be more adorable than present day agnes...we see...baby agnes!!! holy moly! ♥♥♥ (& yeah--as everyone else has noted--you are the spitting image of your lovely mum!)

You really look like your mother, it's amazing! Same retro look too ;-)

Well, I won't bother to tell you that you look like your mother again ;) That is a precious photo though! I have pics of my mom wearing that exact hairstyle...I think I know how old you are...haha :)

And...I'm going to try your coffee recipe you posted. I love ginger...I make tea with ginger root all the time when we're not feeling well, ...what a good excuse to use it in my coffee. :)

Cheers to a fabulous Sunday~ Aubrey

Very Sweet...
And I second everyone that you are so similar to your mother!!

Wow you two look a lot alike! :o)

The apple never falls far from the tree. You are, indeed, the spitting image of your mother. Now I know where you inherited your beauty from. I share your feelings, Agnes. Love, sweet memories and warm thoughts can make up for the loss of a parent however much we may suffer.

Anges, childhood is a gift that we recall when we grow up. This is a nice photo: like mother like daughter!

Our Mothers are so very special. This is a fabulous shot of the two of you. Your resemblance to her is remarkable.

My niece gave birth to her baby girl Monday night 11:40 PM. Harper Jane. I will get to see her either later today or tomorrow. She is a blessing.

So sweet and nostalgic....you were (and still are) beautiful!

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