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Omg, that looks soooo yummy!!! I love your style girl.

When I saw the title, I thought you were doing a retrospective. I'm happy to hear that your calmer days are now.
Your Bombay toast is making me hungry.

Love those Bombay toasts!! Sometimes it feels really good to sleep early! Enjoy.

Looks yummy... simple things in life are often the best!

That looks divine! I've never had toast like this - share the secret! Glad things have calmed down for you.

I'm right there with you! After I post on my blog for today, I'm going to bed. What can it mean when you start acting like "Martha"! Oh dear! Like the shoes!

Kindly courier the French toast ;-)

well it's settled...we can never go shopping together...cuz we would fight over the same clothes! ;) haha... And I could definitely use simpler days...too much drama, stress, blech! Totally not my style, hoping things calm down again soon! And...as much as I would love to chronicle all my idle thoughts...I'd scare people away for sure...I know it.

Wishing you a wonderful week! :)

The food looks yum. And, you have an effortless style. You are one of the few people who could look good in a sack :). As an aside, do you do yoga? It is great for peace of mind.

I love your shoes. And that toast looks delicious. You seem to be 'finding' yourself all over again. I wish I could do that. I do need some 'me' time so much. Life is a whirlwind right now.

Your dinner looks so lovely that I am tempted to try and make it, one question- is that cheddar cheese? If so, how did you make it look so white? When I try to make anything with cheddar, it always turns yellow..

And you know what Agnes, this post sounded so warm and peaceful that I sure am glad that I started my blog reading routine of the day with this one :)

Unusual way of having French toast... Looks good tho... Looks like Smokey is havin' a good time..lol

What a luscious little supper !!

Agnes, that is a nice pic of u!! Looks like Smokey had a go at your shoes.

Glad you are feeling calmer.

That toast looks delicious! Glad to hear things are calming down in your world. Enjoy the tea and the rest.

@Reenie: I used Havarti cheese :-)

So glad things are looking up. I love your shoes!

Damn, that looks good!

That toast looks amazing!

journaling is a great way to find your inner guidance, keep writing.

nice shoes too.

I love your shoes!!!

Simple or simpler days are the best!

I WANT that toast! ;)

I tried the Bombay toast also and I keep on asking my colleagues why it's called Bombay toast, does it come from India or Bombay??? LOL!!

enjoy the day Agnes!!

Some serious presentation. If I was G., I wouldn't be saying no to that dish.

I need to try that toast. Just traditional French toast ("Eggy Bread") with a slice of Havarti on top?

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