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Now you're taking me back!!

All I can say is L-O-L!

Have fun and give Lucky my regards!

@Robyn, will do. I think I want Indian food.

Sounds like fun!!! You deserve FUN!

Sounds like you are in party mood. Enjoy !

Bell bottoms! You'll be saying hip huggers next! I had a VW and so did my daughter! Fun cars the way they zip around!

Maybe get a copy of The Drifters as well !!!

Enjoy yourselves...you deserve it :)


Sounds fabulous! You sure know how to throw a dinner party. Happy anniversary :)

Haha... Nice to see this cute, happy, silly post... :)
Have fun, girl :)

Oh, and wanted to tell you something-

You can leave behind a trail of your last blog entry - when you make a comment, don't forget to fill out the Site URL with yours... it is right below the 'Comment Body', in case you had missed it :)

I love bell bottoms pants! They are much better than the straight skinny thing popular these days.

Now I have Led Zep stuck in my head ;-)

Oh have fun. I would love to join :)

I'm throwing a 70's party for my birthday!!! :P My dad named me Aubrey after the song Aubrey by the band BREAD! Love your blog and the pic reminded me of Jeeennnyyy on Forrest Gump! haha...have a fabulous week!

Singin' bell bottom trousers, coats of navy blue, Let him climb the riggin' like his daddy used to do. An old song. Do you remember it? Probably not.

You can't go wrong with Zeppelin! Enjoy!

I want to come! Flapping about, bell bottoms get caught in the car door; you wouldn't catch me in them.


Enjoy...you deserve it !

Groovy Agnes. I am on my way, just getting the bell bottoms taken out a few inches around the waist and will show up shortly. Dig it

All I can say is: Please post some pics.

@Lucky: Far out, man.

I've had this idea for a poem—it has to do with particular songs at particular times, defining things.

Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I have read.

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