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I am so glad the end of the meds is in sight - lucky that these days treatment can take place out of a hospital - I do wish Geoff a speedy recovery.

Never, never, never give up. ~Winston Churchill

Happy Anniversary to both of you !

We went on holiday half way through one of our attempts at IVF - was certainly interesting, explaining to customs the refrigerated package we had with us - with vials of drugs, syringes, and a sharps bin...

I guess in reality though, border controls aren't looking for the likes of us, who were holding that bag out in front of us...

Happy anniversary, Agnes! At least the end of the meds is in sight. They are, as they say, a necessary evil.

Hmm, I wonder if your anniversary is the same as mine use to be....Mine happens to be that awful undesired 9/11.....I knew a few married on that date... Glad G. is close to ending his regiment of meds...

Happy Anniversary, Agnes and Geoff !!! Here's to many many more fantastic years to come !!!

Speedy recovery wishes for your hubby and a happy anniversary to you both.

So sorry to read your G is under the weather. With what he is taking I suspect he will be back to normal soon. Or we sure hope so.

Happy Anniversary, Agnes. I hope joy wraps itself around you and Geoff. I feel so fortunate to have discovered your blog!

Soooooo happy there is a little light at the end of the tunnel for you both!!!

Happy Anniversary! XOXO

Happy anniversary, Agnes! You and Geoff deserve the best, you truly do. Wishing you well and sending my love :)

Happy Anniversary Agnes and Geoff! I'm praying that your house is free of all of those medical implements soon and that Geoff is back to 100% quickly!

You know who I think of when I read your post? Do you remember the movie "Key Largo"? With Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall? I can see Geoff saying to you "Here's looking at you kid." Happy anniversary you two!

Happy anniversary to you both. And here's to a happy dance without a penicillin accessory!

Happy Anniversary, Agnes. There's happiness in every pain; we have to look for that positivity.

"Together is a wonderful place to be." is a quote someone else wrote and it has a good ring to it I and wanted to pass it on to you two.

It does fit for Geoff and Agnes ( and Smokey too!)

Happy Anniversary!

Hi dear Agnes, I hope your house will soon be a home and not a hospital anymore and that you're doing well sweetie (I've seen that I've missed a few of your posts). I'm sure your Geoff will recover soon!!! Happy happy aniversary!! Hug and kiss, Biana...

Happy anniversary. I am glad that Geoff is alsmot done with all the medications. Hope you get to do something special on your special day.

Oh dear, kudos to your spirit for finding happiness in everything around you. Take care. Happy Anniversary to both of you. :)

Happy anniversary, Agnes and Geoff- may you have many more. Have you ever posted your wedding photos in your blog? I hope you will :)

Happy Anniversary to you both Agnes. I am glad the end is nigh for the medication regime. Wishing you both every happiness.

Happy anniversary :-)
Health & Smile for both of you forever for always. Amen.

happy anniversary to agnes and geoff! i am so glad your husband is on the mend.

hope that in spite of all the meds and supplies you are having a nice long weekend... take care!

You are so caring, Agnes. Have a great Anniversary. I hope Geoff is not on a diet.

Oh shite! I am so sorry Agnes and Geoff. Illness casts such a heavy black cloud, every moment not involved with pills and bio-waste and such crap are most cherished. I know you know that. Happy Anniversary--drink to that and the next. Arnie Palmers and non alcohol beers satisfied me when wine was out of the question--also, just quinine water on the rocks--it tastes just like a gin and tonic--if you like gin and tonic? You're in my prayers.

Happy Anniversary!!! Geoff and Agnes, Agnes and Geoff, I wish you an even greater happiness - the best is yet to come!


Hi Agnes;
Happy Anniversary and may we enjoy many more. We are made for each other. These comments are priceless and the fact that I'm still here is a testament to their power. Thank you all so much. For me, today has been a good day and I hope for you too. But today I'm sending my prayers and hopeful thoughts to Iran where Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani awaits her brutal fate. Let's keep hoping for a stay of execution.
Love to all

I sounds very cliché but I think the whole thing will make you both stronger. It's beautiful to see two people so in love!

Happy Anniversary Agnes and stay cool

It takes much less time if youve previously built up a significant.

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