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Well, this is not a compliment. It's the sheer truth the way I feel it: anything you wear looks great on you. Thanks for the good laugh! I really love your sense of humour!

Ah well...on a sadder tone ...I need to do some laundry as well!

As usual , you always look great....it reminds me that I need to do laundry too...we have a washing machine here in the Philippines, but we still have the sun for dryer :-).

Agnes, u could make a potato sack look sexy...

You could wear a burlap bag and look gorgeous dear!!!

Oh. My. HECK. You amaze me. I need you every morning here ....of course, I'd not only want you as my wardrobe/fashion consultant, but I'd need to borrow your body as well. You look FABULOUS.
Sending thoughts and prayers your way for your sweet husband.

Looks pretty darn fashion forward to me. I hate laundry...It is the folding and putting away that puts me off. Hope your laundry session went smoothly.

Your intro and the metaphor is beautiful.

See, even that long thing looks damn good on u, with the belt and all - very fashionable. I understood the most imp lesson - so, its all abt accessories - I'll remember that !!! :)

Oh, this laundry of clothes - seems such a huge task, when I look at the pile of clothes every morning !!! You take ur time !!!

Take care. Hope Geoff is getting better everyday.

Ha ha ha. The whole ensemble looks nice on you. I guess it is your confidence on carrying it off.

ya look fab, girl. take care.

Don't we all need to do some laundry?? Seriously though, your whole outfit looks great.

What more does one need, apart from jeans and a shirt ?!

You are an impressive fashionista, Agnes !!!

Oh, that oversized shirt looks lovely! And I know you are right about the earrings!
I am yet to see a photograph of you where you are not looking beautiful.

Hope your husband is getting better! Love the double belts.

you can use jean and some more black shirt.because it can hide also that they aren't clean

I just love your deliberate fashion ideas!!

But you are right, if one walks in looking all important and purposeful, it does get work done quicker.

I am sure, though, that the manager at the bank gave you VIP treatment because of the millions of dollars in your account!! :D

I could never, EVER rock a double belt. Hell, I can't even rock ONE belt! ;)


Agnes you are the equanimity of the self. and through your own divinity as woman your very presence gives Geoff:

Balance of the mind
Balance of the body
Balance of Emotions

We are all naturally harmonic beings, your expression and positive energy will create comfort and healing factor for the both of you. dressing well can only expand this capability and you are a natural! (selection)

Beautiful :)

Different people got you all dolled-up in everything from burlap sacks to dirty shirts. LOL I guess they all think this gal has got something other gals lack. Could be. Could not be. I am reading a great book. Actually it is something I fish around in all the time. It is Biocentrism. And filled with things that interest me. lol

Good luck with your laundry, the task must be daunting. And don't worry, everyone is faking normalcy.

Keep pushing, it'll start eventually.

All I can say is, I wish I could pull something out of the back of my closet and look as good as you do! Wow! That outfit is too cool! I have always wanted to wear belts, but just can't pull them off!

I was just about to cut off the bottom 10 or so inches with a pair of scissors, (you know, tuck the reminder in my pants and no one has to know) when it dawned on me that if I tied a belt around it this whole mess would look totally deliberate or better yet, if I tied two belts around it people might even think I am one of those fashion forward women who know exactly what they're doing.

I totally do not get how you DO this. I try to mix and match and I look like my mother dressed me in the dark.

Keep posting your outfits, so I can vicariously pretend I am learning about how to make fashion. :D

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