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Thanks Agnes. Yes I did research after we saw that armadillo. It is like an ant-eater but has armor plate (9 bands) and is the size of a medium dog. They've only come into Florida in the last 100 years and it was fascinating to observe one looking for grubs and running around. My first!

Hi Agnes !
it is great to have discovered your blog .
you have lots of good things here !

nice to meet you .
Caio .

Always carry a notebook (even to the doctor's office). A folded index card works, too. Oh, and something to write with. Me? I'm never without a book.

i think armadillos look like a prehistoric animal that got lost in the modern world. is that one of the target shirts you blogged about buying? i picked up a tote there the other day, it's yellow :)

coffee at the doctor's office? wow, we don't have that here! lol... next time take your camera, would like to see proof of the coffee.. lol

Strange animals those armadillos...
First time I see you without shades ! :-)

Armadillos are yucky! They really freak me out. We had one that lived under our porch in Southern Louisiana, and they made the weirdest sounds!

Wow, I think you SO needed/deserved that massage. Sounds heavenly!!!

Life isn't a fight. Acceptance And we are free of worries. I always try to add life into life because each day I am sure it is reaching fast towards emptiness. Destiny I can't change but yes, I can try best or the best to smile for others to smile no matter what.

Aramadillos are fascinating critters...beware, they do carry leprosy. I love the fact that they ALWAYS have identical quadruplets. The young are so cute with pink ears and noses, thier little ears like the finest leather. They used to have armadillo races here, but these crazy Texans catch water roaches/palmetto bugs and have races with them too.
I looked up facts about them before google was even a thought, lol.

I think I see eye make up in the picture. Did you have to wait at the Doctor's in spite of that ????

Thank you. I will start catching up on your blog.

Armadillos! Admirable that Geoff knew one when he saw his first one... Uh! I hate waiting at Doctors waiting rooms - especially since I finish the magazines very quickly as I can only look at the pictures on them.

Just want to drop by to say hello. I can do with a nice massage this week. Have a great rest of the week.

Nice Blog..and yeah you have a very photogenic face..

Thai massage? In the comfort of your home? Suddenly, every muscle in my body is aching! Boo Hoo Hooo!

P.S: you are looking lovely!

oh, i remember that episode! It's when Ross wanted to teach Ben about Hanuukkah and Joey showed up as Superman. :)

We don't have armadillos in Australia, pity - they look cute !

...and of course, your picture comes with a smile and that armadillos, it reminds me of Andrew Zimmern of The Bizarre Food fame eating a piece of it.......

@Prashanti: You're right! My makeup didn't do the magic! I want my money back :-D

even, i haven't see an Armadillo, i mean alive........and i remember when Ross dressed as one.....Holiday Armadillo, he called himself............. BIG FRIENDS FAN HERE.......

We have a plethora of armadillos here in Oklahoma. They are the second most frequent road kill, right behind opossum. They are indeed very crazy creatures to see! I always bring my sketchbook wherever I go so I can draw the people I see waiting alongside me. I even bring it to church every week, have for 20 plus years.
I dig the non-sunglasses pic! I hope Geoff gets his fill of armadillo info! I think it's the state road kill of Texas actually. LOL

I love true love...

That sounds just perfect.

That massage sounds heavenly! :-)

All i can think is of thai massage, candles, music and incense. Good for you :)

Bluesman; Just flipped on the telly and there, to my utter surprise was Andrew Zimmern in south Mexico eating a baked armadillo in local sauces. Great timing.

Oh, lucky you! I love massages...

The title of your post is beautiful.

Never knew armadillos were such a common sight
The thai massage sounds heavenly!!!!

And the title of the post is lovely:-)!!!!

HHmmmm....Thai massage....at home !!! That sounds so divine !!!

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That massage sounds heavenly!

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