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I know exactly how u feel... Years ago I had to deal w/legal issues and that sucked 2 1/2 yrs. out of me and my kids lives... yep the simple things are such a joy... Smokey looks a bit sad? or is that relief to know u guys are home?

smokey looks cuterrrr than everrrr. Cutest of the cute. I demand more photos of Smokey, in fact I insist!!!

I really hope Geoff recovers soon so that both of you can resume you previous lifestyle and do all the things you want.
Pictures are gorgeous as ever.

I'm glad you all are taking a much needed break! Enjoy :)

I think it's wonderful that you two got a break! Loved the photo of Smokey!

I fell in love with the bag shown in the first picture.

I know, I'm a bag lady.

ohh.....you got the whole 10 seasons..........awesome.....i have it saved on the hard disc.......

me to, again, a big FRIENDS FAN......actually rite now, here they are showing the season 8 on TV.

My fav are Chandler and Phoebe........


Smokey looks gorgeous & so comfortable snoozing on ur sweater;-D

Smokey is just so apt in that surroundings !!!!

Yes, indeed doing nothing is so blissful !!! Wish I had weekends like that !!!

Your always wearing jeans except on Sundays? It's just a song that comes to mind when I see your photos. ha ha. Watching friends is great escapism even for me. Enjoy your well deserved break, I wish you both well...............OH and smokey too.

Have fun watching 'Friends'!! Some of the earlier seasons never bore me:D

That is one beautiful kitty you have there, as ever your photography is amazing

Sounds like the right thing to do, watching FRIENDS back to back. I have been tempted many times to buy all the seasons! I have not watched the last season.

i love those 'nothing planned but relaxin' days. enjoy :)

Have fun!
You two deserve the break :)

Nice post. Peace and quiet are a nice punctuation for "treatment world", neh? I do enjoy resting and dreaming of the future. Smokey always seems to know when and how to contribute to the fun. Watching "Friends" is a pleasure. You look wonderful.

love the way you write Agnes, and make even the most random things sound so interested
enjoy your break..there's no better way i can think of than watching back to back friends with coffee.. and you look wonderful, as always.

ah.. typo, interestING!:)

I love Smokey !

Wouldn't it be great to be a cat. Wonder if I'd be allergic to myself?

Oh how I wish I had a day off from everything...

I sometimes get up in the morning wishing I had nothing to do just for a day or two. Doing nothing is in my top-priority list of... things-to-do on my next break from routine, that is in exactly 15 days!

I am a huge fan of Friends. My husband and I watch 1-10 straight through a couple of times a year. They are our friends and we love them!

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